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Cinderella Behind-The-Scenes (Entertainment Tonight)

Whitney Houston and Brandy chatted with Entertainment Tonight on the set of Cinderella, allowing ET to share intimate behind-the-scenes moments, even from the recording studio as they sang their iconic duet, “Impossible!” Houston shared the story of when she called the 18-year-old singer to offer her the lead role, and revealed how she was like Brandy’s fairy godmother in real-life. ET captured Brandy’s jaw-dropping reaction the first time she walked onto the incredible movie set that caused her to exclaim, “This has gotta go in Disneyland!” Brandy later had a true Disney princess moment at the premiere when she made her grand arrival in a horse carriage on Hollywood Boulevard. Houston told ET after the movie that she was “so proud” of Brandy’s performance.

  • Release Date: November 02, 1997
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