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From: Sunday
Sunday album promo CD front cover

Whitney Houston recorded background vocals for the song “All Of A Sudden” on Sunday’s 2000 self-titled debut album, which was issued as a promo CD but not released commercially.


Once upon a time
There was a girl who met a guy
Who rocked her world
He could not resist her innocence
Said to his self
“This one is it”
Did everything, the melodies
Sent flowers, cards, chocolate candies
They jumped right in
And fell in love
Ignoring the signs of what’s to come

All of a sudden
Things start to change
We don’t feel the same as yesterday
I don’t know who’s to blame
I don’t know how to explain
And don’t know what to say
All of a sudden it’s gone away
All of a sudden
Things start to change
Gone without a trace
The love is faded away
And no, it can’t be saved
We’re gonna have to face
And deal with the pain
All of a sudden love is gone away

He tried so hard to make it work
She did her best to run from the hurt
Hoping that it was just a phase
But still they would fight and misbehave
They both were scared it would be
The end of their reality
We were both afraid of the truth
We fell out of love
It ain’t no use


Can you tell me how do we keep the music
Playing on and on and on?
And what can we do to stop it from ending
When the harmony goes wrong?
Someone tell me why when an earthquake shakes our lives
The two of us survive
Leaving nothing but shattered dreams
What do they all mean?


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