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One Wish (For Christmas) (Official Music Video)

The title track, and only single, from One Wish: The Holiday Album (originally released November 18, 2003 on Arista Records), Whitney’s classic performance–an uplifting soulful plea for hope, peace and unity on Christmas Day–provides the soundtrack for an animated holiday short film by filmmaker Katia Temkin in the song’s first official music video.

Temkin’s vision for “One Wish (For Christmas)” takes place in a whimsical fantasia filled with familiar symbols of the holiday season–reindeer, ornaments, bells ringing, stars twinkling, snow falling–an evocation of home, hearth, friends and family coming together to celebrate the holiday spirit. Immersing the viewer in a sparkling glittering winter wonderland, “One Wish (For Christmas)” blends the song’s lyrics–glowing on-screen like Christmas light–with performance footage of Whitney from her One Wish: The Holiday Album era.

  • Release Date: December 11, 2020
  • Director: Katia Temkin
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