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Stop The Madness

From: Stop The Madness (single)

Whitney Houston contributed vocals to the anti-drug song “Stop The Madness.” The song was endorsed and supported by the Reagan administration in 1985.

Songwriters: Tim Reid, Michael Stokes, Sharon Barnes, Laythan Armour


I believe that together you and I can save a life today
We can stop a killer from reaching into minds and throwing lives away
Drugs are causing pain
And everyone’s a loser in this deadly game that’s played
It’s insanity
We know that dope is slavery
And we’ve got to be free
Come on now, we’ve got to stop the madness

Stop the madness now
Stop the madness
Stop the madness now

Tell me what you’re doing trying to get some pleasure on an empty high
Only fools will tell you using drugs is really a victimless crime
There are casualties standing at the graves of children
Feel the tears they cry
Take a stand today; maybe it’s your life you’ll save
You know there’s got to be another way
Everybody let me hear you say


Brother, we heard you cry for some assistance
Drugs are making your mind a man-made hell
You thought that using dope would be a party
Now you’re a prisoner in a cell crying to be free
You wanna stop the madness


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