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My Love Is Your Love

Total Global Sales:
10 million
RIAA Certification:
4x Platinum


= Released as a Single
3. My Love Is Your Love
4. When You Believe
5. If I Told You That
6. In My Business
8. Oh Yes
9. Get It Back
10. Until You Come Back
11. I Bow Out
12. You’ll Never Stand Alone
13. I Was Made To Love Him
"My first meeting with Whitney was at her home in New Jersey where we went to record vocals for her album. We were to work at Whitney's beautiful studio in her guest house and I was excited as I arrived to a meal cooked by her amazing chef. Unfortunately, I didn't see Whitney for the first day or two. However, when she came across the huge lawn, into the guest house, and stepped in the studio, we all knew we were in the presence of greatness. She had an energy and intensity that filled the room; fun but serious, creative but all business. She warmed up for about 30 seconds and quickly told us that we should make sure we had her mic and her sound right because she was only going to sing the song a couple times down. Thinking to myself that there was no way she was going to get this vocal right that quickly, I started the session. Of course, the first time she opened her mouth, I knew she absolutely would nail the perfect vocal and it was going to happen quickly. It took her all of three takes and she was out of the booth and back across the lawn as fast as she had come. Everyone in the studio was left with our mouths open and I remember saying, "That right there, was Whitney Houston!"
Harvey Mason, Jr.


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