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#WhitneyDiamond – Help Whitney To Win Third Diamond Award

Whitney Houston - Whitney album

Attention Whitney Fans:
Whitney has two RIAA Diamond Awards (for U.S. sales of 10 million or more) for her debut album and The Bodyguard Soundtrack. If Whitney were to win a third Diamond Award, she would be the FIRST African American woman to achieve this honor! We just confirmed the album Whitney is 170,000 copies shy of being certified Diamond. Let’s help this along!

The RIAA counts U.S. sales in 3 ways: 1) Buy the CD or download the album and it counts as 1 unit. 2) Buy 10 downloads of tracks from the album and it equals 1 unit. 3) It takes 1,500 streams of any track from the album to count as 1 unit. To help Whitney get the Diamond Award, this link has options to buy & stream: Please share it with your friends! Only U.S. sales & streams are counted by the RIAA. Thanks for supporting Whitney and this album! Let’s go Diamond!


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