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Whitney Video Countdown – Part 11

The Bodyguard is still one of the best selling movie soundtracks of all-time and the next video on our countdown, “Run To You,” was Whitney’s fourth and last single to be released from this worldwide smash. Like the other videos from The Bodyguard, “Run To You” is predominantly compiled from clips of the movie, but it also devotes plenty of time to stunning close-ups of Whitney herself. As she sings, Whitney takes on an angelic bearing while reciting the song’s deeply romantic lyrics, and is later shown running towards the viewer out of a sea of clouds, in reference to the song’s title, naturally. “Run To You” would make it to #10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart and #15 on the UK Singles Chart, and was later nominated for a 1992 Academy Award for “Best Original Song,” along with the third single from The Bodyguard soundtrack (and video 8 on our countdown), “I Have Nothing”.

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