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‘Whitney: The Greatest Hits’ Released This Day In 2000

Whitney Houston - Whitney: The Greatest Hits

On May 16, 2000 (19 years ago today), Arista Records released Whitney: The Greatest Hits, a compilation album of two discs – one with ballads and the other with uptempo and remixes. “The Star Bangled Banner” and “One Moment In Time” also were included in the set, along with four new songs: “Could I Have This Kiss Forever” (with Enrique Iglesias), “If I Told You That” (with George Michael), “Same Script, Different Cast” (with Deborah Cox) and “Fine.” It reached the Top 10 in most countries (including #1 in U.K. and #5 in U.S.) After Whitney’s passing, it came back on the Billboard 200 chart at #2.

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