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Whitney Houston: Tribute To An Icon Fan Reviews

People all around the world have picked up their edition of Whitney Houston: Tribute to an Icon and have been captivated by the images that depicted Whitney’s 30 year career. See what other fans had to say about the book below.

*This radiating photography book has works donated by 22 photographers and is curated by renowned photographer Randee St. Nicholas. Purchase your copy here.

1)Since receiving my copy I haven’t been able to put this book down. ‘Tribute To An Icon’ reminds us that not only did we lose the greatest voice of all, we also lost an unparalleled beauty. The book highlights some of the most iconic images in Whitney’s career, including some rare gems from the archives which have been clearly put together by the people who knew her most. It is a must for fans but also a beautiful reminder to the world just what an Icon Whitney Houston is.

By: Arthur T. – UK

2)Whitney Houston has often been referred to as The Voice. But when looking through the pages of Whitney: Tribute to an Icon, one can imagine another apt title for the late superstar: The Face.

That face–the flawless skin, the deep enchanting brown eyes, the smile that captivated a generation–mesmerizes in full color in this over-sized book of pictures meticulously assembled by renowned photographer Randee St Nicholas. Through a combination of images of live performances, behind the scenes shots, and promotional photos from key eras in her career, Whitney Houston’s energy leaps off each page.

But the book does more than simply catalog her undeniable physical beauty. Whitney Houston was more than just a stunning face, and even more than just a tremendous voice. We see in this tome glimpses of the complex woman who took those God-given gifts and enraptured the world with her charisma, fortitude, vulnerability, nerve, and effervescent spirit. Readers will find themselves breathlessly turning each high-quality glossy page in a quest to better understand this dynamic woman through the images captured in the work of 22 world-class photographers. Most of all, her humanity shines through, especially in the final photograph of her gazing joyfully toward her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina. In all, the book tells a story that transcends the visual. Even in a soundless medium, each picture sings.

By: Dave H. – New Jersey

3)Whitney Houston was the Voice of a generation and she was also one of the most beautiful women in the world. The new coffee table photo book, ‘Whitney: Tribute To An Icon’ captures some of the most iconic photographs of Whitney. As a fan, leafing through this book is like a stroll down memory lane with photographs from video shoots, movies, album covers and Whitney live on stage. What a treat to see a panoramic view of Whitney singing at Super Bowl XXV, or on the set of The Bodyguard. There are also some great photographs that have never been seen before, be it outtakes from well known shoots or totally unseen photo sessions.

Whitney’s stage presence is beautifully presented in this oversized book when Whitney sang live on tour or for a TV show. It is those moments in time that are etched in our memories that are perfectly presented for us to remember fondly. The camera loved Whitney and the magic of this book is in how it presents a vibrant, talented and beautiful artist in photographs that span four decades. You’ll find yourself leafing through the pages of this book over and over again. A great way to celebrate Whitney Houston’s legacy.

By: Manish C. – UK

4)I have followed Whitney Houston’s career for most of my life. When I was just 11 years old I was instantly mesmerized by her voice & entranced by her beauty. Whitney was able to command an audience no matter the venue & this book is a testament to that fact. The photographers tell a beautiful love story about a remarkable woman. Page by page as the photos took my breath away, I was flooded with memories that have been burned in my soul by her music. Each pose holds a melody & each subtle gesture has a groove. Tribute to an Icon is a crown jewel for the collection of a real Whitney fan!

By: Steven C. – New York

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