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“Whitney should get nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in SPARKLE. As you know, I go way way back with Whitney– to the days just after Sweetwaters— and her performance in the film is pure Whitney! Whitney sparkled in every scene as she always sparkled with and to me– during all of the times I spent together with her. As the film ended, I sat there in my seat this morning and I was overcome with such sorrow that “THIS scene” or the very next scene will be the last new scene ever of Whitney that the world will get to see and share together. I think of Whitney daily– she was someone who I really got to know well. Let’s start an Academy Award campaign for Whitney. I was so thrilled to see Whitney’s Executive Producer credit on the film. Congratulations to you, to Howard Rosenman and to Whitney. I can feel her warm smile and hear her laughter and see that great sparkle in her eyes and throughout her face shining down on us from above. I miss that mischievous bright light that I loved seeing in Whitney’s face. When Whitney had that mischievous ‘let’s have fun’ look, when you were in a room with her— it was my favorite.” T.D

“On August 13, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing “Sparkle”. It was at a small NY theater with one of my dearest friends along with the cast & Executive Producer Debra Martin Chase. Everyone in that room was overcome with emotion as Whitney Houston stood in the church and tore the roof off singing “His Eye is on the Sparrow”. You can hear how much the song meant to her as she belted it from her soul. Hers was the only voice I ever heard that could give Jesus himself “Holy Ghost goosebumps”. The ENTIRE cast gave a stellar performance and Jordin Sparks emerged as an amazing leading lady & oh boy can she SANG!!!! Jordin ignited the screen and proved herself as a phenomenal singer and gifted actress. A star was born as this film will show audiences who will be as thrilled as I was to see her in this touching performance. To my Nippy family, it is hard to watch but well worth it. Just bring 2 boxes of tissues. To audiences everywhere, take your kids, take your grandma or your best friend, it is a story about family, music and faith. A story beautifully told to appeal to any audience. Debra Martin Chase and Whitney Houston spent 12 years on this project out of nothin’ but love & this film is sure to become iconic. It is nothing less than a cinematic masterpiece and I am so glad that Whitney’s last project was like her first, BRILLIANT & Soul-Stirring. She came into the entertainment industry in a blaze of glory and now she has left in the very same way. Congratulations my friend. We miss you so.” ♥ ♥ S.C

Sparkle – in theaters now.

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