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ESPN Revisits Whitney Houston’s ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ Performance At Super Bowl XXV

Whitney Houston - The Star Spangled Banner 1991 CD single front cover

As the NFL resumes play amid unprecedented social activism from athletes, ESPN has revisited its 2016 story about Whitney Houston’s performance of the national anthem at Super Bowl XXV. Here is an excerpt:

“Like the best heroes, Whitney — the black girl from Jersey who worked her way to global stardom … — makes bravery look easy. … She is calmly joyful — cool, actually, and free of fear. And when she arrives at Oh, say [cymbal] does our star- [cymbal] spangled banner yet wave, she moves to lift the crowd. … Whitney’s version made it all absolute, for a moment. Her arms were wide and reaching slightly up at the end, a pose familiar to many Americans, across races. Her head was back, as one’s can be when victorious, and as one’s can be when asking for and ecstatically receiving the glory of God.”


Learn more about Whitney singing “The Star Spangled Banner” here.

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