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Love Will Find A Way

From: Dionne Warwick - Friends Can Be Lovers

Whitney Houston recorded “Love Will Find A Way” as a duet for cousin Dionne Warwick’s 1993 album entitled Friends Can Be Lovers.

Songwriters: David Elliott, Terry Steele


Each night I pray
I search for words to say all that I’m going through
Here’s what to say each time we pray
I’ll give my all to you
How can I know what’s real
Oh, trust in yourself believe in what you feel

I don’t understand what’s the master plan
Will it ever come together
Love will find a way
Open up your heart and give the greatest part
And it will, oh yes it will
Love will find a way

Its all a part of searching for the truth
Seeing where roads will lead you
Now I realize when problems may arise
There’s someone I can come to
Time waits for no man
Don’t give up, it’s time to take a stand


In the middle of the night
Love will lead you to the light
You can win, just hold on
Don’t give up the fight
Love will make it right

You can win, you can win, you can win, you can win, you can win
Now I understand
Love will find a way


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