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Angie & Debbie

From: Angie & Debbie

Whitney Houston recorded background vocals for one song on Angie & Debbie’s 1993 self-titled debut album. The song, “Light Of Love,” was released as a single and Whitney appeared in the music video.


I was lost in a lonely world
That seems so full of sorrow full of pain
Searching for that only love
That could bring my empty heart to life again

It was you, you who saved me
Sure as every breath I take
You changed my life in every way
Like a star you shined upon me
For everybody to see
And right now, right now

I’m living a fantasy
Hope’s been reborn in me
Truly I’ve been touched by the light of love
You, you are the guiding light
Through all my darkest nights
Through you I’ve been touched by the light of love

Upon my heart, I’ll give my all to you
‘Cause when I lost my faith you kept your trust in me
And I know, that what I feel is real
For the first time in my life
I am complete

I had searched so long to find you
Until I finally realized
Your love was with me all the time
And your spirit flows right through me
A better world is open to me
‘Cause right now, right now


You shine the light of love
You shine the light of love


Heaven knows you opened up my eyes
Because of you I finally realize
I’ve been touched by the light of love
Now my life is like a fantasy
Wanna share the joy you bring me
I’ve been touched by the light of love


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