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Jermaine Jackson – Dynamite

From: Jermaine Jackson - Dynamite

Whitney Houston recorded background vocals for the song “Sweetest Sweetest” on Jermaine Jackson’s 1984 album entitled Dynamite. The song was released as a single.


I can’t believe all the things I heard
About you girl is it true
She answered me yes every single word
And that ain’t all I do

She said I’ve tasted cool intoxicating blends
The French champagne, sparkling wine
The beaujolais I highly recommend
But none compare to mine

She’s got the sweetest sweetest
She’s got the sweetest sweetest

All my life tell me where you’ve been
Do girls like you just come around
She begged me please not to turn her in
And then she turned me on

Hair like silk, magic in her eyes
Her kiss like fire burned cherry red
She loved me ’till mercy did I cry
She’s everything she said

Chorus (2x)

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