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The Bodyguard

Theater Box Office Totals:

“There will probably never be another role like this, for a woman, especially a black woman, to do again. The character is her own person. She’s not subservient to anybody. She’s very much in control of herself, not much of her atmosphere though. She knows what she wants, and she is a diva. …I said well, ok, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this… bar none.”

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston made her feature film debut as lead actress in The Bodyguard, co-starring actor and Oscar-winning director Kevin Costner. The film was a blockbuster, earning more than $410 million worldwide. The soundtrack, featuring six Whitney songs — including the record-breaking #1 hit “I Will Always Love You” — has sold more than 45 million copies and is the biggest-selling soundtrack of all time. Whitney parlayed her success with The Bodyguard into additional leading roles and the formation of her own production company.

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