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Comeback geglückt – die Presse jubelt

Als wenn wir noch Zweifel gehabt hätten: Whitney ist ein triumphales Comeback geglückt und auch die amerikanische Presse sieht das so. Anbei ein paar Pressestimmen von einigen der bedeutendsten Magazine bzw. Zeitungen:

“Strong, confident and ready…“I Look To You” is loaded with tunes that are perfect for recapturing the magic that made her a transcendent star. With Alist songwriters and producers, Houston makes the most of it. She clearly hasn’t forgotten how to sing, imbuing the material with emotional power without a lot of overly dramatic vocal runs. Returning to her classic sound, Houston should have no trouble reconnecting with her fans who will always love her.”
USA Today

“It is a modern soul record, a collection of spunky love songs that aim at something more immediate and tangible than nostalgia or catharsis…distinctively Whitney.”
Rolling Stone

“Whitney Houston re-emerges with full diva qualifications on I Look to You”
The New York Times

The comeback was worth the wait! The diva delivers an eclectic album that has the bleeding ballads (“I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” is destined to become a karaoke classic) and club anthems she’s known for but also flexes new musical muscles.
InTouch Weekly

“It’s sure great to hear that voice again.”

“Certain voices stand like monuments upon the landscape of the 20th century pop, defining the architecture of their times, sheltering the dreams of millions and inspiring the climbing careers of countless imitators. Whitney Houston owns one of those voices.”
Los Angeles Times

Und noch ein Hinweis: derzeit läuft auf ein Gewinnspiel. Zur Teilnahme einfach den Newsletter abonnieren – alle weiteren Infos findest Du hier auf Viel Glück!

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