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Try It On My Own

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Next to seeing Elvis Presley live the best I ever saw live was Whitney Houston. She simply mesmerized me with her performance. She was only 21 at the time and her voice was like one I had never heard before or since. So glad she is back and I look forward to great performances and music once again from Whitney. You have been sorely missed.

Thank You GOD, I always pray for you and your family , I`m just one of those people who prays for everyone .In life we all test and trails ,if not we wouldn`t have a testimony, now you have testimony you can help someone else now.I always loved your music let GOD use you mightly . I will continue to pray for you and your family. I really only listen to gospel until now.MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOU .

I am so happy Whitney is back!!! She is a Icon and there is no one like Whitney. You can tell a Whitney song a mile away - she is one of the most original artist of all time. I thank our Heavenly Father above for holding Whitney safely in His arms. She most definitely have a gift!! I love you Whitney!!

23 years of life and Whitney has always and will always be my queen. The greatest ever!

Just jotted feeeew lines on Whitney in my blog

Cheers Whitney!!! Best Wishes / Neeraj Bhushan

Just want to say that I never stop loving your music. You are truly an artist. I am so happy that you release this album in which I will purchase tomorrow. May God continue to guide you.

Dear Whitney,

I thank God for you and your new beginnings. I missed you. God will be glorified in your life to the world. While watching you on Good Morning America, I found myself weeping tears of joy for your return. May you continue to prosper in your rightful purpose for the glory of God and you and your daughter and your family, forever!!!!

God gave Mrs Houston back her wings, Just Beautiful

Hello Whitney:

I've always followed your career and was sadden when you were on drugs and not singing but I never gave up on you because I knew your family history and knew that you were raised to trust in the Lord. We give up on people but God never had any intentions on losing you. Without any doubt, I knew you would be back and now, you are more beautiful than before and after listening to this video and watching Good Morning America this morning-you surely never left us but was just silent for a period.

Your daughter was chubby the last time I actually saw her on the reality show and now she is not recognizable; she is so beautiful.

I pray God's blessings on you, your mom, your daughter and although I don't think you belong with Bobby Brown, I pray for him also; he is not an animal; he is a man- the father of your child and he may need deliverance not our criticism.



Brenda j. Thomas
High Springs, Fl 32643

A Fan forever

Hi, does anyone know what Whitney wore on her GMA concert ? I really loved that taupe top/dress. Any ideas who is the designer?