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So Emotional

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I recall my 1st cassette, it was Christmas of 1986,I wanted music by Madonna,Whitney,& Cyndi Lauper,Mom got mr Whitmey & Madonna,I still have them,and when I go in a store to buy new music I know I can trust I will lOVE whatever you make,I have every cd,you've made,I LOOK forward to so many more...I thankyou God for you,May you be BLESSED abundantly,in JESUS name sake!There is a calling on your life,that is why WE ALL must fall short from the glory of God,because without a testimony,what would we have to say to lead another fallen angel out of the dark & into the light,I LOVE you WHITNEY!!!!

i listened to all the songs on the new album and loved them all. nobody does like whitney.

I like many of you fan around the world have missed you greatly and I want to thank you for coming home to us. You look and sound wonderful. I wish to thank you for giving us your soul in you new release; title track I RUN TO YOU. We all appreciate you giving us free listening of your CD.

With your friends, writings and your voice, the CD will hit at #1 as soon as the official release....August 31st, 2009. UNBELIEVEABLE. May I also say you look stunning.

When my doubted you, I told them to give you a little time to sought this out, to let you find you way you fans. You have found the strenght and wisedom finally, and used it well. I have missed your music more then I even realised unlil now.

May God Bless and Keep You In His Hands Always.

PS. My husband say to tell you he also has missed you and if you ever allow your self to fall because of another, he will personally get his bat.....and he is blind. Best to you GIRL.

Now; I must go. Target opens at 8:00 am and I must get my copy today.

Thanks again, Whitney

Theresa McQueen
Raleight, NC

I'm just waiting for her to at least make one song in english and spanish, because I know will be another hit. Growing up I did not know any english at all but I was singing all her songs. How amazing is that!!!
She has the biggest Blessing voice. Keep on going girl. Your fans will never let you down. GOD Bless you.

Oh, Whitney, I am so glad you are back. You are my #1 lady. I miss your beautiful voice and your beautiful music. You have truly been miss by so many of us. I know in my heart that you was coming back to us real soon, because you are a strong black woman, like many of us are. May God bless you, and he will direct your path.

Love you


Whitney your are just remarkable and I'm so happy your back. There will never be a whitney houston, that top the Charts the way you do. your # 1 and I love you for that. Take it easy and take some vocal classes before you go on tour, and I'll be waiting for you in the Audience when you perform.

This is a dream that you may read this 1 day. Massive fan of you, you get me bye recently. No fear, I got you, Aunt Dionne, Gladys and Roberta back. I stopped listening, but I prayed and my heart is open again...... My most inspiring song is "Love Will Find A Way" along with most of your others. I've missed you being around, so hopfully a new start for us both....SO proud of you, this is the master plan...... Lainey 33 Scotland. I pray for you all.........x x x x

hi there we are all on your side and we love you very much dispite what happened we are still behind 110% so keep on doing what it is you do we know ur gonna be ur oldself in no time...peace be with you and may the lord bless and keep u and ur family safe


Oh this one took me back! I am loving your website! I have been jammin for at least 2 hours. I cant wait to you come to the ATL.