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Million Dollar Bill

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Whitney an absolutely phenomenal talent, I am truly glad
I had the pleasure of seeing you in concert, and listening
to your music frequently, you will certainly be missed but
I have your music to comfort me.I will always love you.

I've cried over the past few days as if I've lost a member of my family bc there hasn't been a day in many years that her music hasn't played in my home. I've been a fan ever since her 1st album & continued to support her over the years! & Just knowing how this has affected me makes it worse when I think about her family especially her young daughter! So sad. RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON...GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!

Revelation 21:3-4

I have to say as a young man there was a time in my life when i was in love with you sweetheart, god bless you. It never stopped amazing me how such a sweet sound could come out out of such a loverly lady. To my ears the best ever, x

In The Stillness and Deepness of my Heart; me and my family pray for Sissy and Whitneys Daughter; Happy Valentines to you both.
Whitney has heart heats in Heaven with Red Roses.

That night in California, at Club True; Whitney sung "Yes Jesus Loves Me;
"Yes, Jesus Lives Me" for the Bible, Tells Me So....
That was the words of God taking over, takung over Whitney;
Telling Whitney in that Bathroom, while alone with Jesus; only minutes after speakung with family, God said "Whitney, Whitney, Come On Home..
Nothing else at that moment mattered; Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

Whitney, I will always, Love, You!

Gary Crosby
Richardson, Texas

MRS. Cissy Houston gave us the greatest gift of all. She was Just a singer to the world, but now a mother is childless and daughter motherless. She was Whitney Houston to us but to them, she was just my child or my mother. Being in the spotlight has got to be the hardest job in the world. Nothing is private anymore and all your special moments: the good and the bad you have to share. Whitney tried to tell us this when she asked what you looking at.
Everyone says before Bobby she was doing good. I am a huge Whitney Houston fan and to be honest I think Bobby completed Whitney in ways the world could not understand. She explained it well when she said we have something in common, my love, is your love, and I will always love you. With Bobby by her side she gave us every emotion in song. All at once Bobbi Kristina was the reason she gave us… you light up my life and my love, and March 4th she got her miracle, and said I belong to you.
When her and Bobby split a light went out, her passion stood still, it was probably something even she could not understand. I believe at that very moment she said I Bow out. No matter what we thought he was, in her heart he truly was all the man she needed or even wanted for that fact, because she knew him so well, and he made her so emotional.
She gave the world her heart for so many years, and when she found that someone who made her complete and introduced him to us, and we passed judgment she in return tried to handle it the best way she could. Maybe the drugs started off as a pain killer, but became the only way she could face a world that turned their backs on her. She probably never realized how much she blamed him just as she did the world, but in the end love was not enough to save them, and love did not save the day, so she tried it on her own. She did what the public wanted, but her heart was truly broken, he went on as if it was nothing, and she was left singing where do broken hearts go, and didn’t we almost have it all.
So she had to put on a happy face and pretend she was okay, and from her heart she sang the words it’s not right but it’s okay, making sure to ask why does it hurt so bad? She signed a contract to give us her voice, not to be perfect; she was just as human as you and me. Mistakes were made and I am sure there were times when perfect she would have like to be, and she tried to explain it when she told us she learned from the best, and I’m taking it step by step, because it was somebody bigger than you and I, that she would have to answer to.
When the curtains closed her life remained open and the public overstepped, thinking she had made it clear when she gave us in my business… her words were overlooked and not heard. Just like now in her death, she is gone and can’t be brought back, her family shared her for years, can they truly not have this one moment in time to say goodbye. Why must the public still judge her for her mistakes and flaws? But now it’s just the same script, different cast. Now she leaves us saying I didn’t know. Her heart was calling and she made us believe in miracles and in the end she would be the greatest gift of all.
It was heart break hotel where her life would end, because she was every woman as she gave her last salute, she told God I look to you. Bobby made her feel like a million dollar bill and it was worth it, and she exhaled. She didn’t know her own strength and felt she had nothing, she tried to tell herself hold on, help is on the way. Whitney you were loved and nobody loves you like I do. On Feb. 11th she truly was queen of the night and for the last time the curtains will close. She said it best when she sang a song for you…acted her life out on stages with ten million people watching. Whitney, take your Bow, you’ll never stand-alone now, and you brought joy to the world and for that: We will always Love you! Thank you Houston/Brown family for sharing your amazing gift with the world #1 Fan for life<3

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whitney you are the best we love you and we are going to miss you i grew up with you and your songs love every one of them you have a wonderful voice that will be ringing in heaven for all the years, your voice will be in alot of hearts we will all be singing your songs , we love and miss you, you left us at a early age but i know you are not hurting and you are not alone we are there with you our prayers are with you and your family, your songs and that voice will live on .....LOVE YOU MISS YOU WHITNEY....

Whitney I will be a strong black canadian woman who i admired over the years and i know that even though we never met i consider you my friend also i appreciate you so much and your memory will be in my heart forever and my prayers our with your family .
Love you always Whitney.
simmone natasha joyette

farewell whitney,may you find peace,love and happiness!!!!you will forever for me be fabulous!!!!mwah mwah!!!!!