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Million Dollar Bill

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This is my tribute to you, The Voice, The Diva, The Queen of Pop Music, When I first heard a song by you, I got SO EMOTIONAL, and I knew that I would ALWAYS LOVE YOU. As time went on I realized MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE and I LOOK TO YOU because you make me feel like A MILLION DOLLAR BILL. If this is my ONE MOMENT IN TIME to SALUTE you, then I want you to know that I have been SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU, because you taught me the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL was inside of me and you made it all WORTH IT...You help me see that there are MIRACLES, WHEN YOU BELIEVE. When my love left me I said to myself I HAVE NOTHING and checked into the HEARTBREAK HOTEL. You felt my pain, you heard me callling and you said to me "IT"S NOT RIGHT BUT IT"S OKAY, I asked you WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO. You looked at me and said just EXHALE. I thought just exhale but I was alone thinking DIDN"T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL. You told me to BOW OUT, because JESUS LOVES ME and he's ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED. COUNT ON ME is what you kept telling me and finally I became whole again, finally I felt like I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY. I LEARNED FROM THE BEST and YOU"LL NEVER STAND ALONE as long as I am a fan of yours. Now I take it STEP BY STEP instead of ALL AT ONCE. And now I wanna RUN TO YOU. I'm nolonger afraid to TRY IT ON MY know when the sun is shining bright, I guess its ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Not only did YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE but faith and hope. I thank God for your spirit your voice and love....and now I wish to be one of many who welcomes you "HOME"........LOVE ALWAYS

love the video who designed your dresses loved them you looked really pretty

crying i love Whitney Houston very much i never forget standing in my room singing saving all my love and i'm ur baby tonight and u give good love as a teenager and now as a 34 year old woman i still love singing til this day and when i see Whitney doing her thing it makes me feel so happy and when she was going thought what she was going thought i cry for a few mos cause it hurt to see her like that and i always asked god that one day i would meet her and if i ever do i will hold her and tell her i love her so much and i will never let her go MS. WHITNEY HOUSTON I DON'T KNOW IF U READING THIS BUT I LOVE U U ARE MY STAR WHEN I'M DONE AND FEEL LIKE GIVING UP I CAN LISTEN TO UR SONGS AND PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE AND NOW U BACK PLEASE STAY DON'T NEVER LEAVE AGAIN CAUSE WOMAN LIKE ME NEED U CRY WHEN I LOOK AT U I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT AND I WANT TO SAY THANK U WHITNEY HOUSTON THANK U GOD HAVE SENT U IN MY LIFE AND FOR THAT I LOVE U TY KEEP UR HEAD UP AND KNOW I GOT UR BACK LOVE U KISSES


She looks good, sounds good...It's great to have her back!!!

Hail to the Queen, long live the Queen of R&B/POP!! Just wanted to say that I finished watching your interview with Oprah. I appreciate your honesty and courage to save yourself and your daughters life, because that's just what it comes down to. I know that nothing, absolutely nothing happens in this life by mistake, all things will work together for good if we avail ourselves of the opportunity to keep ourselves always in a state to receive the benefits of life.

The Universe has smiled down on you and provided us with another glimpse of your magnificient talent, beauty and womanhood. I truly am grateful for you being in our lives. Your new songs give me hope and put a smile on my face when I am down. That is something special you have within you to make people feel good even in times of bad.

Thank you Whitney.

Whitney if you see this post just to let you know girl your kicking it hard and i am so glade to see your back on stage and doing what you do best god bless you i enjoyed the video it is nice bring it on lady much love to you one of your greatest fans

Greenville SC

Almighty God has shown himself faithful again. You truely are a gift from him. And he has never let you go. I saw you on Oprah and was praising God the whole time. I'm no longer just a HUGE fan (and have been for many years), but also a sister in the Lord and a true beliver in our faithful Savior in Christ. I'm so happy. I cried and cried when you sang. I'm so grateful that you gifted us with your voice again. The album is great, but it does not beat hearing you sing live. It is a true treasurer. Know that many are and always have been pulling for you. We Love you Whitney!!!

Love this...she's back!!!!

Love this video..."if he makes you feel like a million dollars... say".....she's back!!!