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Million Dollar Bill

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Dearest Whitney, I have just finsished watching your Oprah interview which has just aired here in the UK. What a performance - what emotion!! You have been my idol since i was 13 when i heard "how will I know" at my sister's wedding. I identified with you then - even though I was in Africa!!! decades later, I live in the UK and guess what - you are still my best and I idenftiy with you even more. You have THE voice - a gift that no-one can take away. I agree with you - do not regret what you have been through. It was God's will - it makes you who you are now. The experience will make you stronger for the future. Take one day at a time. Look to Bobbie Christina to see how well you have done. I always believed you would be back. And now I must sign off so that I can watch your UK comeback - no let me quote you - your BREAK THROUGH on X Factor. Welcome back Whitney - We've - I've missed you!!! God Blessxxx

Extremamente dançante, demais!!!!

This is carolbaby99. I love you Whitney. I knew you would be back. Stay strong. Whitney what you have gone through has made you strong. Continue to pray God is constantly with you each and every day. I can't wait still you come to Cleveland to do a concert. My friend Eboni and I are huge fans of you. We are both Leo's like you. I have listen to most of your songs. Whitney you did good. Stay strong and continue to be bless.

hello whitney just thought i would write somthing from me too u i loved u on the xfactor thought it was brill and i am glad ur bk. the new single is fab, pls dont let any one get you down u are a fab women with amazing talent and i cant wait to hear more lots of love from just one of your many,many fans xxxx

Ms. Houston
God bless you lady. I knew you would come back. My friend and I had plans to go to your concert whenever you come to Minnesota. But she passed away last year 2 days before she was to comespend the holiday with me. She was 50. I am disabled but by hook or crook and Lord willing I amgoing to attend your concert for her for the both of us. You music has always been an inspiration to me. You are stronger, more beautiful and in His light. I saw it in you when you sang on Oprah. God always bless you and your family. Thanks for what you contribute to the world. In the name of Jesus.

Hi Whitney, I'm loving your cd. I miss your voice your music the power of it. I know it took some time for this and I am glad I waited. Whitney you were missed sweetie and I'm glad you're back. I'm ready for what is to come next Whitney. Make it powerful like you are sweetie you are amazing. Praying for you. We love you!!!!!

I'm so proud of you.
Welcome back. I'm loving your new cd.
keep up the awesome progress and work.
Gods Blessings,

wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I loving it Whitney. You r a million dollars go girlllllll!!!

God gave you a talent! Don't waste it. Million of people love you, because you are wonderful as singer and person. Welcome back! Good Luck and more and more success!!!