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Million Dollar Bill

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I LOVE this has a catchy beat! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video too!!!

whitney can do no wrong xxx

Dear Whitney,
I am so proud of you and glad you are back singing and using your beautiful voice God blessed you with. You were in my prayers for many years and God has answered them, your back! I believe you are an inspiration to women who have loved so deeply and blindly that they lost themselves. I pray your example will help those women like my daughter who are addicted to toxic love. Stay healthy and please sing more Gospel songs. May God bless you more and more and may your voice reach even higher than before. You are dear and wonderfully made. God bless you always! Donna Shoff

AND I, WILL ALWAY'S LOVE YOU!!! I still have your 1st album(wax) & am so happy for your gifted voice to BACK...GOD is so good; You can't keep a TRUE CHILD of GOD down or shall I say, from PROSPERING. You are wonderfully made and my favorite entertainer of ALL times. Sincerely, A sister in CHRIST

Let's all be grateful and thankful that Whitney is back! Stop comparing her to the old Whitney and new Whitney. We all need to realize that she is no longer in her 20's. WE ALL CHANGE WITH AGE. Give her the respect that she deserves! She is by far one of the greatest singers of all time. Aloha from Hawaii. WE LOVE YOU WHITNEY! Don't forget us here when you go on tour.

Love love the German performance, so so so good!

this song has alot of energy looking sexy whitney ... luv this video way to go ...

hi whitney
saw u twice many years ago when u came to glasgow, kids have all grown up listening to u and we would all love to see u .please come over to glasgow again sooooooooon.
luv u xxx

Oh Whitney... I knew as soon as you got into singing 'I look to you more often' you would belt it out. One day this is the song that people are really going to remember you for. You can swing it, dress it and do everything else. Million Dollar Bill is what everybody wants and gets their feet tapping. But if they really listen to 'I look to you' they will see everything about this new album is a miracle... God bless you always. jacqueline411


Whitney I was visiting San Diego when I bought your new CD and listening to it driving back to Las Vegas, I thought she is off the hook, I had a smile all the way. I am so happy for you and your strength. You give me hope and strength. There are so many things that can come into our life but one thing for sure the storm is soon over. I love the whole CD althought my favorite is "Call You Tonight" I find myself repeating it over and over again. It's also great to dance to, made me dance all by myself in the middle of my living room Please come to Las Vegas we would love to see you.