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Million Dollar Bill

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I luve you Whitney Houston Always

Whitney is my favorite singer then when she first started and now that she has returned. Keep up the good work you have made me believe that God has a hand in all of our lives. thank you Whitney God Bless you always.

I just love the new video. Keep it coming, I've been waiting on this for several years. You are truly one of the best artists in the world. Be blessed and stay strong.



Missed you so much, welcome back Whitney you look amazing...

You are truly amazing and doing your thing. Your music is jumping like you never left. So glad the Lord gave you back to us! Peace and love. When they said it was over I said, "hell to the Naw"!

Can't stop loving you...highest praise for your rescue. You are a phoenix rising, and so bright you burn our eyes with joy! Million Dollar Bill song & video is on FIRE!!!!

Oh my goodness, Like so take a look at the name of the dry cleaners:-) See ya'll I'm always inspired by Whitney! That says to me Tamara girl it's time to put your name on some stuff!!

I have always thought you were fantastic - a rare gift to the world. One in a million, billion people where everything comes together.

As much as I marvelled at you before, loved the songs that you sang and what you brought to them - you are now a whole OTHER level of AMAZING.

Not because of your experiences - they were not your fault. I can just imagine that jealousy and envy would have followed you your WHOLE life. The injustice of it would make me want to fight back too.

People who "have it all" are mirrors that reflect reality to people who are sadly lacking...

You are now amazing because this was the big one, the big test - and you passed.

What I have always wanted to say to you, Whitney, is this: It's ok. There is a silent majority who gets it. We know you are the best - no-one comes close. No-one will come close because the bar is simply too high.

And the most important thing is this: we CELEBRATE it.

(Just take us on your journey next time ok? Smile we are there for you)

Much love to you.

Hi whitney its so nice to have you back, but like you said you never left, and I have to agree with you on that. Whitney I've been a fan of yours for quite a while,when I first saw you and heard you sing I knew you had a very very powerful gift from god and that is your voice.You know I knew that you were going to go threw something in order to make your singing even more powerful, I now see the light of god on you and trust me that is awsome. I looked at your video to the song I look to you and I knew god had done something wonderful with you, I wont you to stay strong and pay no attention to what people will say because your fans love you but god loves you more. Whitney you look so radiant,I mean all that you've been threw god keep you in the mids of the storm. I love your new cd so please keep up the good work and by all means stay strong and be encouraged, in one of your songes you sang no matter what you'll keep it real so please trust god no matter what's going on.

Dear Whitney:

I'm looking back now to when I was just a kid - I remember my Aunt giving me my first cassette tape and it was of your first album. I'd run around with my Sony Walkman and just listen to you over and over, again, and I'd be singing my heart out. Now I'm pushing 32 and still singing my heart out to your songs but instead of using a Walkman, I'm now a youtube freak and I hit you up most on there. Needless to say, I love you, with all my heart and soul. I too have not had it good over the past few years and you're not only a musical inspiration to me but an inspiration to make me want to pick myself up, once again. Your comeback is giving me the motivation I need. Like you said on Oprah and I do feel you, we just have to take things day by day.

I wish you and Bobbi Kristina, who is just a doll, the best future possible. Be there for each other and I can see beautiful things happening for both of you.

Your new album is tops! You look fab and sound fab! Kudos on your recent success! And last but not least, welcome back - ironically, it's like you never left!

All my love,
a true fan,