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Million Dollar Bill

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With everything happy for Whitney to sing along with me through her career & someday again God willing, a lone broken heart too late to know, yet with every effort to defend, I am spent. In the Los Angeles area, looking forward to meeting Whitney's mother & family, & looking for work & living space to blossom where I now am waiting as patiently as possible for humans as God's help, & for the people of burden & frustration to be brought to justice, yes in my case also. God's speed to these in need, especially these whom have also fought long and valiently, courageously.
Rest in Peace Whitney, & also wake up with your help & your prayers, do all you can do also, humanity is being assaulted by a horrible battle in the mindless field. How sad I am feeling now is inconsolable, for the ones of burden & frustration, who refuse to be met where they are being irresponsible to face their own consequences, and are choosing and demanding to suggest they are the victims, and like us, if they are victims, is of their own groups hatred and violence. Where is the need for clarification? for Justice to be met with honesty & reverence? Prayers for our government, police, & military, senseless loss of One whom God did Bless America with so strongly! Very Proud of you Whitney, & Thanks for all the self Love & self Empowerment in your lyrics & music to all the women & people of the world!
Looking Forward, God give me strength, protection & rescue,
Maria Stenger, Zip Code 90255

Still where I was 8/19/12 physically, how is that possible?! Body is struggling, Prayers are stronger with me, hardly hearing the rest of the world, blockage needs disolved, prayers for healing of others doesn't be enough for them, how pathetically sad. No place worh the effort, is killing my immune system to be sleeping outside on a metal bench for over a month waiting for rescue. Why is anybody listening to the lies? Where is the filing through to verify , again a constant pain in the ...S.O.S. Maria

I miss my god mom very much. I would like to say that Ithank you all her fans for your support.

Hello Dear

Am joy by name, The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, the kindly smile standards the joy of companionship rules, it is the spiritual inspiration That comes to one, When He Discovers That someone else Believes In him and is willing to trust him . I'm willing to trust you as a friend, although we Have not Met Before, but i believe That One thousand miles journey start with a step! If you feel the same way with me, please contact me-through my email address, because i think it Will Be more confidential for us You Can write me at ( that i send you to you more of my pictures and tell you more about me .Good friends are one in a million, Good friends Have stories to share, I wish you a pleasant day.
many kiss from miss joy

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I haven't seen SPARKLE yet....I think a part of me is a bit nervous about....since I will soon be performing Whitney tribute shows publicly.....As a true actress is able to absorb the character...(like Jamie Fox in RAY) is also true that for some is difficult to leave that persona onstage......and return to being themselves.

To: WhitneyLookAlike

There is talk about a Whitney Houston movie. James Earl Jones and Diane Carroll are suppose to play Whitney's parents. That would be great. They were talking about Halle Berry or Jennifer Hudson playing Whitney. I'll only be seeing Jennifer or Halle. It would be nice if you could play Whitney. If you play Whitney, then I'll be seeing Whitney.

Alicia Keys did a great job writing Million Dollar Bill. Whitney did great singing it. I really enjoy Whitney singing it live.

Dear Whitney Houston,

I am your big fan and I am from Bangladesh. I like and love your all songs very much. And Not only love your song also love to you very much. I always kiss to your picture and see dream to you. You are my Dream girl. I have a dream and wish directly love to you and stay with you. But How it possible? I cant come near of you CZ I have no ability for this but love you very much. You are a super Star and I am a simple person who live in Bangladesh. I want see successful my dream and wish. can I take any good response from you about my wish. I am waiting for your love. Please love me.