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Million Dollar Bill

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Ms. Houston....I can't welcome you back because you stated that you've been here for years. I am so GLAD that you have graced us with your "angelic" voice. I must admit, I have only owned 2 of your albums and one my daughter gave me for mother's day. I just don't buy female artist's CDs. But this NEW album..."I Look To You" is INCREDIBLE!!!! I am truly feeling #1-3-4-5-6-11. I bought the album the first day it came out and know every word. GOD has blessed you....continue to SHINE!!!

I love this, aww it makes me feel good; puts a smile on my face. Your the greatest Whitney, welcome back honey. God Bless You and your family. Smile

The "Million Dollar Bill" Video is smokin'.. Whitney looks hot!! Having our diva back, feels like Christmas..

Ms Houston,

After shedding many tears watching your Oprah interview the other night, I got on-line and ordered my 2nd LTY CD, which I mailed to my house-bound mother. Wanted Mama & Dad to know how grateful I was to still have them in my life to "Look To.." for strength and guidance. Thank you for sharing your story with the world...and showing us the way out of the darkness.

I am so glad Whitney's back!!! It's been too long and the world misses the magic. Many new artists are talented but only someone with your presence can captivate so many people so naturally. That voice is full of passion and truly anointed by God.
Thanks Whitney. Oh yeah, you do look amazing!

Hi Ms. Houston

All I can say is love it, love it, love it. After watching Oparh show if you didn't believe prayer work, you should now. That interview was the best I've seen. Whitney I never given up on you trust and believe I know prayer work. Remember God put us on earth to help others, what you went through will help sooo many other people. This only shows that we should never put man or anything before God. But long as we continue to pray he will bring us through all our troubles. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Glad to see you back..I love the CD.

You look faaaabbbbuuullllooouusss!!! Keep up the good work and always put and keep God first!!!

Love Always

I love so much Whitney Houston I going true now for hartimes but you help out so I decide to came back and still alive thanks girl I love you

Thank God Whitney is back! The first time I heard Saving All My Love For You, I was 15 yrs. old and totally hooked on Whitney. After seeing her interview with Oprah, I still feel that same feeling I got when I was a boy. I have never thought of myself as being star struck, as a matter of fact I would probably go out of my way not to pay attention to many celebrities, Whitney is the only exception. With her I'm like a blushing school boy, she's still a beautiful woman with a voice, passion and presence that get's better and better all the time.

I have been waiting for new material from you for a very long time. I don't call this a comeback because as far as I'm concerned, you were the voice, you are the voice, and will be the voice forever! You are like fine wine, you look better and better as you mature. You are truly beautiful. This video is wonderful, is one of my favorites now. When your album was released I was so upset because my husband and I have both been without work since October and I could not run out and get it, like I've done with all of your other album. I'm glad to say, that he just started working again and he will buy me your CD with his first check, because I'm dying here...

You were so sincere on Oprah, and she was so supported and respectful of your legacy that it was like to good friends catching up after a long time of no contact. I'm also glad that she dedicated two days to your interview, because one day would not have been enough.

This is your new beginning Whitney, you do not need to talk about the past no more! The future is bright for you, and Bobbie Christina is stunning. She chose the best from both of her parents and is a beauty.

Again, great music, great look, great voice!