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Million Dollar Bill

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I don't know about being an addict, I do pray for her because no one is perfect I understand when she said a drink if it's a small one why not like wine or so even in church we take some wine, never the less she needs our prayers and we will pray to our lord.

Whitney is a great singer and I am so glad she is back. She is honest and open which is refreshing about all the parts of her life. She is human and I am glad she can come through her problems and learn from them. We are lucky to have her gift of her voice in the public again. The video and CD is fantastic and I wish her the best in everything......take care....Welcome Back..

Dear Whitney,
I am so happy and thankful to God that you came through your time of testing and that the world can once again hear your remarkable and unmistakable voice. I had an opportunity to view your performance of I Didn't Know My Own Strength and was brought to tears. I Look To You is a beautiful and heartfelt song and a musical testimony of who trust in your life. You've still got it! You look beautiful and sound wonderful. I can hear the witness in your song as you deliver. You are singing straight from the heart.

God has truly been merciful and kind to you and your daughter-- to keep you safe and allow you new a beginning. In your interview with Oprah, you said that you are living one day at a time and that is the way anyone, who trusts in the Lord must live. We thank God for each new day and His mercies, which are new every morning. His faithfulness is great (Lamentations 3:22-23).

God's Holy Spirit was there to guide and comfort you during those dark moments. Jesus spoike to His disciples about the Comforter, His Spirit, who would be with us. He, the Holy Spirit will only speak the words of the Father and do only what the Father tells Him to do (John 14:14-17; 26). I am glad that you did not quench the Spirit of God. I believe that as you continue to trust and obey God the Father, following the promptings of God, the Holy Spirit, and love Jesus, the Son with all your heart and let Him be your Lord and Savior, you will not go wrong or astray. I know you will continue to thank and praise God, for He alone was able to deliver and set you free from your personal demons and the bondage of your past.

He has restored you and your faith in Him and He will neve leave you or forsake you. May God bless you to continue to glorify Him with your golden voice; to bless your daughter Bobbi Christina as she matures; to strengthen your mother-daughter relationship; and may He continue to keep you and your entire family in His loving care.

Warm Regards,
Victoria Sellers
Atlanta, GA

When Whitney embarked on her first comeback in 2002 I could see it in her eyes that she just wasn't ready. In "One of Those Days" she looked like she would rather be having a V8 than shooting a video...but here, she looks rested and healthy and energized and she is glowing from the inside out - this video could have been shot in 1987...I have so missed her and am so glad to have her back.



What can we say? You are beautiful INSIDE AND OUT, girl! SOOO happy you have come back to God, music and your fans. We love you and have missed you!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us....your return has been long over due. God Bless.

Cheryl Huesken

Keeping it simple, I've always loved you. your movies and especially your music! I've (we've) waited a long time for your return, all I can say is " thank god you're back. WELCOME BACK WHITNEY !!! God Bless You and your family. Austin, St.Petersburg, FL.

This video is so HOT! Whitney looks great and sounds amazing. I give it 5 stars.

Hot video! Whitney looks amaaaaazing