I Look To You

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I dont know!! What is the name, Whiterabbit??

Was it "Better Place Records"?.....

That's right! Kimberlyn got it again! Gurrl, you should go on Whitney Jeopardy.
Whitney Trivia: Who did Whitney call on her cell phone from the river Jordan?

Whiterabbit, I'm gonna take a stab at it and guess her "mother"

Yes, of course! You are right again, Kimberlyn. She called her mother, Cissy Houston, and said, "Mommy! I am standing in the River Jordan!" And, Nippy was baptized for the second time in her life.

Whitney trivia: What year, Whitney registered a for the first time, his voice in an album of his mother????. What was the name of this album?? Let us nippians, you know everything!!

C'mon whiterabbit we need more trivia questions!

I dunno. DiWhitney really stumped me. In 1979 when she was 15, Whitney sang background vocals on Chaka Khan's "Naughty" album. The only album I can think of that Whitney sang with her mama was her own 1984 album, "Whitney Houston". Kimberlyn, which of Cissy's albums did Whitney appear and what year was it?? It had to have been in the late 70's.

Whitney Trivia: Who wrote "Million Dollar Bill" and for which album?

Whitney Trivia: True or False, Whitney was actually a gourmet cook.