I Look To You

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Whitney trivia: in december 2006, Whitney was featured in the cover, of which magazine in Brazil?? Answer, nippians!!

Which the cats name of Whitney, Whiterabbit??

Whitney's cats were named Marilyn and Mystie.
Hmmm.......let's see, was it a Latina magazine? American Indian Woman's magazine? Marie Claire? Vogue? Life?

Not is none of these, that you mentioned, friend! (laughs) this, you will not know! Was the magazine, Race Brazil, and she looked beautiful as always!

Whitney Trivia: Which movie did Whitney watch again and again at least 20 times when she was a teen?

she watched the original "Sparkle" movie

Whiterabbit, Kimberlyn told sure??

Yesss! Once again, Kimberlyn is correct!
Whitney Trivia: Where was Whitney's only tattoo? And what was it?

Whitney trivia: After how many weeks, the album, Whitney Houston, reached the top of Billboard?

I know Kimberlyn knows the answer to both of these trivias. Come on, Kimberlyn! Where is Whitney's tattoo & how many weeks did it take her first album to hit #1 on the Billboard charts?? (I guess we have to wait until she gets out of school.)