I Look To You

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Lucia, what God did for Whitney was....he rescued her. That's what he did for her.
Glad to see the gang back again! In Cissy Houston's book, I have read the Forward by Dionne Warwick, and I have read Chapter 1 twice. But I am afraid to read on further. I am afraid to read about a little girl named, Nippy. I am afraid the pain will be too much.

Whiterabbit, I'm almost done reading the book and chapter three is the hardest part to read thru!! I read a few pages and I kid you not, I cried non stop..... Re-living the pain of losing Whitney all over again!! But I must say, reading about this beautiful little girl nicknamed "nippy" , brought complete joy to my heart!! And I'm forever grateful of the fact that I had an opportunity to experience such an amazing, beautiful, tender hearted, loving woman name Whitney Houston in my generation. Cissy, thank you so much for sharing your precious gift with the world!!

Kimberlyn, in Brazil, the book, it will still take to arrive because it has to be translated into portuguese. Viewing you guys comment on this book, I am very eager to read too. I Know That my heart will feel much pain, but I want to read the book of Cissy, anyway. Peace, to our Nippy.

Whitney Trivia: what object did Nippy almost sever her vocals while playing with her brother when they were kids?

Whiterabbit, it was a clothes hanger......

DiWhitney, why can't you order the book in English? You write English well.

That's right!!! Congratulations, you are a true Nippian!

Whitney Trivia: what color of make up foundation did Whitney use in her 20's?

Ok, I might get this one wrong but back in the eighties, I think the color foundation Whitney wore was pink

I liked the trivia about Whitney, Whiterabbit!! You are very creative!! Nippians, continue voting, for Whitney, best female R & B!! You can vote every day! Voting runs until March 5. Whitney forever!!