I Look To You

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The Voice


When Whitney died I was shocked and I wondered how come a beautiful, smart, amazing woman and singer, a person who worshiped God all her life, a woman who had everything in her life: family, money, fame and fortune..could die so sadly? Where was that God Whitney looked for? What HE did for her when she needed the most?
This video is wonderful!

i loe u whitney!!!!!4EVER U LIVE!!

I really don't think Whitney would be happy if she knew I was with Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church now after all I've accomplished. So since people talk a lot this is where I'll be.

What a gorgeous song and video. When this album came out, I was SOOOO happy for her. She is missed greatly. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world. Love ya!!!

Miss. Whitney houston place is eternally secured in the heavenly choir singing for the lord.
Thank you for allowing her bright light to fill the world with joy, happiness and most of all love, she's gone from this world but never forgotten. A adoring fan (1) of many.

The ride with you was worth the fall, my friend....

YES!! I can now post.... thanks to Whiterabbit!! Whitney, "I keep thinking about you baby"

Good morning, friends! Glad to see your posts again!! Whitney is also happy, because she will never be abandoned by us!! We are looking for her and God too!! SALUTE friends, Whiterabbit and Kimberlyn!! We will always love you, Whitney!!