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hi all my girls how are you all ive just been sitting listening to our gorgeous Whitney its brought tears to my eyes as she always does I didn't ever know her like some of you did but my word I miss her so much I cannot believe there will be no new music from our queen no one can come close to her voice or her beauty what are you all doing??

Hi Philloveswhitney right now, I was watching a lot of videos, of the our beloved Whitney, and like you, my eyes were too full of tears. It really is very sad not to hear more, the most beautiful voice in the world. Unfortunately, our sadness will remain while we have life. I want to know where are Whiterabbit, and Kimberlyn?? Health, Phil! God bless you and your family! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Here I am! Well, true we will never again hear any new recordings from Whitney, but there are still some tracks that were never released. Hopefully, one day these tracks will be released and we'll have more to add to our collection. A new song from Michael Jackson was released today,
Clive Davis, please release the gospel album of Whitney. We can hardly wait for the release of the live album!

Wow, Whiterabbit, it is always good to hear, its wise words! You are right! Still has many unreleased songs, from Whitney, that Clive will show for us. Whiterabbit, you did not answer if you want the CD, live, from Whitney! You bought?? I'm happy to know, from Phil, and you! Where is Kimberlyn? Peace and love to you guys, nippians! God bless to all! Always & forever, Whitney!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Hello Nippians! Last night I stayed up until 2am just watching all of the videos of Whitney on YouTube. I can watch that girl forever and never tire of hearing her beautiful voice. So talentedly gifted. Clive Davis and the Whitney estate can still benefit from compiling and releasing an album with all of the gospel recordings/performances she did. And also, benefit from a compilation of all the jazz songs she sang. That is 2 new albums we could add to our collection in addition to the live album Clive said he will be releasing by the end of this year.
No, Dirlene, I have not yet bought the live CD. Is it fabulous? (What a dumb question.) Smile
Kimberlynnnnn!!!!!! Where are you??????
Phil, I hope you are recovering well.
G'nite, Nippians!

hello my girls I am recovering slowly thank you for asking whiterabbit I also have spent a lot of time watching and listening to our beloved Whitney this weekend I even spent Saturday night watching The Bodyguard movie wow what a film and what a beautiful lady our Whitney was I will remember her always well of now to watch Waiting to Exhale have a good week will speak to you all soon love you all Phil

Whitney was a mother and daughter who cared and loved her family! Blessed is Cissy that had, this Angel, as daughter, and Krissi that had this Angel as, mother! Happy Mother's Day to all! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Hey ladies, mother's day is tomorrow and I'm a little down...I don't have my mother here with me but I'm a mother to two beautiful little ones. I hope all of you guys are doing well.... I miss you all and love you!! Phil, so glad to hear from you!! God bless you

Hey, Kimberlyn, wish you to be happy every day, with their gorgeous, little children! We love you too and, really miss you here. God bless you! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Hello Nippians! I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. Kimberlyn, I know we miss our mama's everyday, but we also get to remember the beautiful memories when she was here and all that she taught us. You are blessed to have 2 wonderful little ones.
Dirlene, Phil, glad to hear from you both! Got nothin' but love for ya'!