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Dirlene, you have the live CD???!! Well, share with us what is on it! In what country is she singing live? Which is your favorite song on the CD? Do tell!

Whiterabbit, this CD A Song for You, is the Welcome Home Hereos, Concert, where Whitney sings wonderfully. It has 10 songs. I will send, to you. You want??

Ohhh, yes. Is it her face on a purple background? That's alright, friend. I can order it from Amazon. That was a wonderful concert. That same concert comes on a dvd, as well. I am really worried about Phil.

Ok! If you want, I give you of gift. I'm also worried, with Phil! We have no news of him. I will ask God to restore to his health. I hope your wife, send us news. God bless us all. Good night, Nippy family!!

Hello all I am so sorry I have been a while updating you all on Phils progress but to be honest I am so tired I have been spending so much time at the hospital with him he has undergone 2 more operations this week on his legs he is physically very week and mentally in a very poor way he was always very active and now may never walk again along with his other injuries he has almost given up the will to live as a family we are all so worried that he has given up the fight so we are all spending as much time as we can with him I will tell him you are all supporting him in his fight and hopefully this will make him realise he must go on trying we hope you are all well but have to go now I will be in touch soon love you all Karen and family xxx

Thank you for updating us, giving us news , of Phil , Karen ! Say to Phil , not to give up the life that we are praying for him . God is powerful, and He helps those who have faith . To fight ever, give up, never ! Be forceful , Phil ! God is with you , and us, too ! Family, Phil , pray for him ! God will hear the prayers ! God bless you all guys!!!

hi everyone, hope you all are doing well!! Just settled in my new home and I'm exhausted. I just read about Phil!! My prayers are always with you and your family! Thanks Karen for the update...... I've been finding out lately that people who have been claiming to be Whitney's biggest fans had no interest In her at all... and only went along with "loving her" after her death. Anyway, saddens me... but on a lighter note...I spotted Bobbi Kris and Nick of course I didn't walk up to them nor did they notice me... I watched from afar and that's it.

Congratulations on your new home, Kimberlyn! Maybe people to have only, loved Whitney after her departure, because they realized, how much it is important, for everything you did through your voice and her humanity. Such is life. People only appreciate, other after that they lose. Very cool, you have seen Krissi and Nick!! I read that the house, of Whitney, in Jersey is for sale. If I were a millionaire would buy this house. It would be the glory, buy the house, of Whitney!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Congratulations, Kimberlyn. Now, you can relax in your new home. Will you be having a dedicated section to Whitney in this home also? How fortunate to have seen Krissi and Nick! You are a true and loyal fan. When you speak of Whitney, I can feel the love and respect pouring out.
Karen, please tell Phil we are all with him in prayer. His Whitney family is waiting for him here.

"There's been haters since this world's been goin' round."