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I Look To You

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I luv this song I always cry on this song!!!!! RIP Whitney we miss u and we will always love u

Iuv this song I cry every time i hear it

Where is the family, Nippy? Sad

The Nippian family is still here, but we're waiting to hear from Karen and hope that it will be good new about Phil. The weather is beautiful in California. I know Kimberlyn is freezing over there in Jersey. How are you doing, Dirlene? Is it warm in Brazil? We had an earthquake 5.1 Friday night. A reality check that our big one will be on it's way.

Hello all its Karen here just to give you a quick update Phil is still in hospital he is still very bad but has come out of intensive care we are so tired and very upset to see him in this way he is the life of our family to see him like this is heartbreaking please girls never drink and drive the person who done this has ruined our lives and he walked away with hardly a scratch I will keep you updated with any further developments but it could be a while before you hear from Phil thank you all for praying for him I am sure its helping him love to you all Karen

We just want Phil to be alright. We will continue to pray for his recovery. Thank you so much, Karen, for keeping us informed. Peace and blessings.

Hi , family Nippy ! Whiterabbit here is very hot ! I am happy to know that this family remains united ! I'm just sad to know that Phil still inspires care , but I'm sure that God is with him, and will restore your health , and bring him back to our fellowship . Karen has faith in Almighty God that everything will be fine . God bless your family . Where is our sis , Kimberlyn ? Kimberlyn come together to warm , the Nippy family ! Whitrabbit , this earthquake left us worried ! Thank God , nothing happened grave ! God bless you all !

Hey ladies, I'm still here just packing up moving from one house to another. I've been extremely busy lately. I hope Phil is recovering well... Karen, please update us on Phil's condition.

Yes, this family remains united and loyal. Has anyone bought Whitney's Live CD, yet???

Hi, Whiterabbit, I'm glad to know that you're okay, sis! Yes, I already bought the CDs Whitney live. I was very thrilled, to hear this Cd. The voice, of Whitney continues sending chills in me, like the first time that I heard it. Simply the most beautiful voice in the world. Good night, family Nippy! I love Nippy, and you guys, always & forever. <3 <3 NBL <3 <3