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I Look To You

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hey girl, I'm doing good and trying to stay warm form all this freezing weather here in New Jersey.... We keep getting snow pile ups following thick heavy ice!!!! Been out of school on these snow days and I'm sitting here listening to Whitney... she deserved much more than she received in return...makes me cry just thinking about this......

It is, sad , yes , Kimberly!!! ! We could give to Whitney , much more than we gave to her. Unfortunately , we only, found out how much the people we love are too important for us when we lose . Today I know that my love does not belong to another artist, belongs only to Whitney Houston . Simply the greatest singer of all time ! You guys suffer with the cold, and we , with the heat ! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

OMG! Kimberlyn, are you alright? The weather is crazy in NJ! How long have you been home from work?

Hey Whiterabbit!! I'm doing great over here in Jersey.... the weather still sucks but we're fighters and will get through this mess... I was out of school for a week and a half but we're up and running now.... How are things in cali? What did you do on the anniversary for Nippy?

I listened to the "I Look To You" cd all day and drove around sad.
Whitney Trivia: What color was Whitney's kitchen?

shoot heck, Whitney had several kitchens in her life time.... are we talking about the kitchen form the last know house she had? I l also remember a few from the "Being Bobby Brown" show.... one kitchen was white, another was brownish. Her kitchen in her New Jersey mansion was indeed white. Wheew, I said a lot .... LMAO!!!

I do not remember any brown kitchen. Only white. Was the brown one from her Dodd St. house? The NJ kitchen was white, and so was the GA kitchen. White was the color I was thinking of!
Hey, Dirlene and Philloveswhitney, where are you guys???
Whitney Trivia: Where did Whitney learn about Black history?

Whitney indeed have a brownish kitchen during her yesteryears... I also remember Whitney having a brown kitchen in GA while on the "Being Bobby Brown" show . But yes, Whitney did have several white kitchens.

I am here friend! Every day I take a look at the website to see if the Nippy family appears. Nippy forever! Good night family! God bless you to all of you!

The kitchen on "Being Bobby Brown" was brown?? Guess I don't remember it very well. I do remember that giant silver refrigerator and how funny it was when Bobby opened it and it was nearly empty. ;D Lol!
Dirlene, when will you be through with your training?