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True, Whiterabbit! The Bible was, always his companion!! Merry Christmas and a New Year full of peace, love, health and much prosperity Nippians!!!!
Trivia: which was the favorite video of Whitney??

Hmmm..... I am going to say that Whitney's favorite video was "The Greatest Love Of All" because it was filmed at the theatre where she sang "Tomorrow" from the play, "Annie" when she was a young girl, and also the same theatre where she interviewed with Oprah Winfrey.
What's Kimberlyn say???

thanks whiterabbit just a quick question why do you call her crazy wonderful I can agree the only crazy part I can think is because she wasted the last years of her life x

You are correct, Whiterabbit!! The favorite video, of Whitney, was The Greatest Love Of All! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Sorry guys!! The holidays have me wired all over the place. Whiterabbit, how was your Christmas?

Yay! I got the Trivia right! Kimberlyn, I was wondering what happened to you. My Christmas was fabulous. How was yours? Entertaining a lot of people? And DiWhitney, how was your Christmas???
philloveswhitney, when I call Whitney 'crazy' I mean it affectionately. Because she was a practical joker with a great sense of humour and always laughing. The second half of her life was very sad. I would never poke fun at that.
-NBL <3

Whiterabbit is a pleasure to know, of you and see that your Christmas was, happy, and at peace! My Christmas was great too! Spent, with my brothers, in peace, and happy! I wish a Happy 2014 full of peace and love for all of us, with Nippy always alive in our hearts! I wish a Happy New Year to Krissi, Nick, Mama Cissy, all Houston family, and all Nippians around of the world! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

whiterabbit I hope I didn't offend you I did think you meant whitney was crazy in an affectionate way I come from England and never met her but really wish I had she seemed to be such a happy go lucky girl with a voice that was magical and I listen to her always Happy New Year to you

Philloveswhitney, I had the pleasure of meeting Whitney Houston and I've mentioned how absolutely beautiful she was!! She had such a sift spoken voice and when I hugged her i melted in her arms! When she touched my hand and face, i cried like a baby from the touch of her. She was so hilarious yet sweet and genuine when she said to me" don't cry baby, it's just me, Whitney " I'll never forget that moment in frozen time!! I was young and full of life abd do was Whitney!! I love this woman so much!!! Whiterabbit and Dirlene, i went past her resting place over the holidays and couldn't bring myself to sit and talk to her Sad

sorry y'all there's typos in the previous message but you can decipher the meaning of what I'm saying...I'm not driving while texting but I guess I have fat fingers that keep pushing other buttons as well.... Sorry!