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I Look To You

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Oh my, whiterabbit!! Please tell us ....plwase please please.. . I swear Whitney is everywhere amongst us all. DiWhitney, you're next , you must experience the magic in dreaming about Whitney!!! I cry so hard everytime I do dream about her.... It's so real!!!

I still have not had the pleasure of having a dream, direct with Whitney!! On Friday, I had a dream fast, with Krissi, but Whitney was hidden. Krissi on Friday, posted on his Facebook, that she was speaking to a Brazilian singer. I asked her what was the singer, to see if I knew her, and to my surprise, she answered me and said, that was Claudia Leite. It was then, that dreamed with the Krissi. I really want to dream about Whitney and I know that time will come. NBL Smile

Watching Whitney's south African concert on YouTube and I just still can't believe Whitney is gone!! I just still can't believe it! I long for her So much :'(

Despite what the papers write about Krissi, she seems pretty humble. I know she got that from her mama.

"I had a dream, I had an awesome dream..."

Well, Nippians, Sunday night, I dreamt of Whitney... I was walking along a promenade, following a crowd, when I stumbled upon a concert Whitney Houston was doing. I was elated that I would finally get to see her in concert. She was about 49 years old. She walked right up and picked me out from the audience. I told her, "I miss you so much." And she said, "I'm right here, Baby." And I ran my hands over the bones across her wide, strong back when I hugged her tight to make sure she really was still alive and here. I told her, "I know a woman in New Jersey who met you backstage after one of your concerts and she said you kept telling her, 'Follow your dreams, Baby. Follow your dreams." And I also told her she had been my role model since I was 19. Surprised, she asked, "Really?" After singing a song from "The Preacher's Wife", she walked offstage and from the wings, called to me to join her backstage. I walked back and her crew just let me walk through. I walked to the other end and found her by herself sitting on a stool, daydreaming, still wearing her ivory concert gown but now she had put on a chocolate and beige striped sweater over it. We took a walk along a tree-lined street with the roots breaking through the sidewalk squares. She found a secret garden behind a wooden fence for us to talk. She sat on one tree stump and I on another across from her. She kept looking at me and finally said, "I feel so connected to you." And I answered, "Yeah, pretty amazing, huh? I do too." We sat at an outside cafe' and I tried not to bring any attention to her so others would not recognize her because selfishly, I wanted all of her time to myself. The concert she left behind with all of her fans was at an open arena at the Paramount studios in Hollywood, and we were hanging out in the neighborhood. I asked her, "How does it feel to leave all your fans waiting for an hour until you return to the concert while you spend time talking with me?" She then drove us around in her gold Lexus sedan (which I would never picture her driving in). With the wind blowing her hair, she spoke freely of some man she use to date, and I thought maybe she meant Jermaine Jackson, but I never asked. She spoke like an excited school girl and I just listened. Inside, I knew she craved to have a safe conversation with a friend. And that lucky person for one afternoon was me. She knew her secrets were safe with me. She dropped me off at a driveway behind the arena where all the fans were. At the gate where I had first walked in and had watched her singing from concrete steps above. She called back to me, and as I turned around she said, "You want this car? Here, it's yours. I don't need it anymore. I don't need this either," meaning her cell phone. She then called to her manager that she would be needing a limo from now on. She left her cell phone on the brick wall and told me to pick up the electronic keys from her manager (not Pat Houston). That was the last thing she said to me. I thought to myself that if I went backstage asking for keys to Whitney Houston's Lexus, her body guards would kick me out. So, I went back there not saying a word, but they had been expecting me and asked me to wait for her. She popped out of a door in a white robe with her hair up in a towel and no face make-up. She then handed me the keys, cell phone, and her driver's license. I knew she didn't want these things anymore because she was so tired of being Whitney Houston. I never showed anyone what she gave me. I never shared her secrets. And, I never did see her concert.

I was in a daze when I woke up and stayed that way the entire Monday. And I am still carrying that funny feeling in my stomach and in my chest. That Disneyland feeling.

Whoa!! Whiterabbit, you just experience a taste of
Who Whitney really was up close and personal!!! And a beautiful woman she was, her heart was so amazing. When reading parts of your dream, I cried and my eyes grew wider with each word I read from your post. Your dream seemed so vivid and very detailed from the moment you walked up to the concert. What I gathered from your dream was that whitney was done being whitney Houston!!!! She did all she could for the world and now it was time for her to go on to glory. This melts my heart and I definiately believe Whitney
Is amongst us, giving us signs that she's "still here, baby"..... I'm
Telling you, to have a dream about Whitney is like experiencing a taste
Of what we will see in heaven. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, intimate dream with us!

Wow, Whiterabbit, that dream tremendous!! I am without breath by reading your post!! It was all too real!! In some parts of the dream, I believe that you've been to paradise with her!! I felt that Whitney is very happy, by leave here the weight she carried on her back. She just wanted to be and Whitney, in heaven, finally, it can be only Whitney, the Angel of God!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful dream Whiterabbit! NBL Smile

You are very welcome! I hope I have another dream with Whitney. I hope you have one soon also, DiWhitney. They are intoxicating. I am STILL walking around feeling light and funny.

Thank you, friend!! I am very happy by this experience that you have had with Whitney!! Smile

Friend I sent your CD Just Whitney!! I won the MP3 version on my computer too!! I also bought for me, Whitney Houston: The Woman Behind the Voice DVD, The Preacher's Wife: Original Soundtrack Album and The Preacher's Wife DVD. You will receive, on the 10th of September!! Enjoyement very, of this beautiful CD!! NBL Smile