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I Look To You

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Awww whiterabbit, this is sweet! Whitney did have an infectious smile.

Well, just look at that child smiling at the top of this page! Still, my heart aches.
Kimberlyn, you were sooo, sooo lucky to have seen Whitney in concert and to have met her backstage. What an experience! Hold on to the memory forever...

Whiterabbit, I will forever keep every memory of Whitney in my heart, especially the times I've seen her live and up close in person!! I tell you, that woman was unforgettable

Today watched the DVD The BodyGuard that I bought on Amazon and I could not contain my tears of longing, of Whitney. I had the same feeling when I watched this movie for the first time. The emotion that WhitneyHouston Remembered awakens in us is amazing!! I miss you Whitney, and I always will love you all my life!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Whiterabbit, we will,return with our curiosities about our super Diva and unforgettable Whitney?? NBL.

Ohhh! DiWhitney, you mean the trivia??? Yes, of course!

Whitney Trivia: What did Whitney do to her hair once she arrived at school?

Now you got me!! Gonna kick! She did, braids, or has cut the hairs?? What did, Nippy, Whiterabbit??

nippy would changed her hairstyle from it's original style her mother would do with her hair.

Whiterabbit, says what is the answer of trivia!! Where are you, nippian?

Kimberlyn is right! Nippy would undo her hair or take it down so the other girls wouldn't bother and bully her. But they did anyway.

Whitney Trivia: What kind of beer did Whitney prefer to drink? (Hopefully, all of her young fans have gone to bed.)