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I Look To You

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Hey Kimberlyn, leave a bouquet of flowers in my name too, I will send a CD of Whitney, that you have not. Send to me your address, for my email. NBL

DiWhitney, I will put some flowers down for you and whiterabbit. I will email you my address, salute!!

Okay nippian!! I await your address! Salute!!

Kimberlyn, this time go very early. Earlier before the school staff gets there so they don't tell you that you can't leave the flowers. Thank you for leaving the flowers on our behalf. I will be releasing my balloons at 7am.
PURPLE SKY: Aug 9 Balloon Release
15 days left to send Whitney nothing but love!!! Purple skies everywhere across the world!

Whiterabbit, I was thinking of placing the flowers in a safe place by the "Whitney Houston Academy" sign at night, that way they will already by there on her birthday and I don't have to deal with the administration staff.

Meant to say "be there"

i loveeeeee whitney!

I'm listening now, the CD The Preacher's Wife. This CD fills my soul with joy!! Salute Whitney!! I love you 4ever!!!!

Ooooh, Kimberlyn, you sneaky girl! Brilliant idea! Smile
Aryanegoro, are you ready with your purple balloons???

PURPLE SKY: Aug 9 Balloon Release
13 days left until Whitney's birthday!!! Purple balloons will fill the skies everywhere across the world!

Hey, Whiterabbit, I'll buy my balloons next week!! How are you girl? We will release our balloons, with joy, for Whitney!! Have a great week!! Salute, friend!!