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Hey ladies! I will definitely lift my purple balloons up to you Whitney!! So much has been going on here in new york/ new jersey! Riots everywhere from the Trayvon case... I just keep praying, hope you ladies are doing good!

No riots here in Los Angeles. Kimberlyn & all you Nippians on the East Coast, please be careful!

Kimberlyn, here also had several riots, but, is now calmer. The case Trayvon also touched us, and today was news in our newscasts. I also hope justice for Trayvon case, for that our angels do not die more, because of the human brutality. Peace to all of us. Salute!!!!

Alright, I guess I spoke too soon. Last night, the peaceful protests in Los Angeles turned into riots. All it takes are a few angry, misguided individuals to strike up a violent reaction. I don't get it...There is a woman in Florida who has been sentenced 20 years for stabbing her abusive husband in self-defense. It wasn't maliciously planned, but he was choking her and she did what she had to do to save her life. And STILL she has to do the time in prison because she killed someone. What planet were those jury on to let a man go for killing a young kid? Disgusting... On my way home from work, I saw police gathered in clusters on the sidewalks preparing in the event another riot breaks out. I thought we learned our lesson last time when they beat Rodney King that burning down your city and beating up innocent bystanders doesn't solve anything. All it does is push us backwards.

PURPLE SKY: Aug 9th Purple Balloon Release
24 days left, Nippians!!!

whiterabbit, I read about thee riots on MSN, yes, the violence WILL definitely set us back and honestly, who needs that? This country is hurting and show no signs of healing at all..... God, what are we gonna do as a nation. Purple balloons up to heaven for Whitney, for sure! On my way to listen to Whitney now...... hey Whiterabbit and DiWhitney go on youtube and check out Whitney's single from the I look to you " album that didn't make the cut....the song is called "never give up" IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!

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DiWhitney, you are all over the internet, Girl! Now, you're in Costa Rica at The Lava Lizard lounge. Smile Okay, I'll vote for our girl.

PURPLE SKY: Aug 9th Purple Balloon Release
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Oh yes, a very BIG SALUTE!