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The page TWV is open Whiterabbit!! TWV always makes beautiful tributes to Whitney!! Let's all participate nippians!! Smile

This is what it says, "Page has been taken down for the moment..." Am I the only one in the dark, again? WTH??
So, I keep thinking that maybe those of us who were witnesses and listeners of Whitney Houston could have done a better job spreading the word of her unique gift. The general mass only heard cookie cutter, molded Whitney, that screamed. To this day, there are some that still don't get it. They never heard Porgy and Bess. Missed out on a lot of the melisma. Or just didn't understand it. She's gone now, but we're still here. We can still spread the word and make people listen until they get it. Until they understand the omnipotent talent we all took for granted. Sometimes, it was as though Whitney herself had deaf ears, could never hear or grasp her own magnitude. Even her husband was in awe of her. Jealous, but in awe, because he could hear it. It's a shame he didn't cherish her right.

You are right, Whiterabbit!! Whitney really did not know the size of its importance to the world!! But it was not her fault, God had already determined it to be this way!! The Humility and simplicity as, she stared at everything around you, already showed that she was a special being. Really, she did not know the size of your own strength!! Love you Whitney!! <3 <3

Damn whiterabbit, you touched my heart and gave chills down the back of my neck with your post!! Everyone single word you spoke speaks volumes of the misunderstanding of WHO Whitney Houston really was on this earth. So much was taken for granted , her talent and her life even Whitney herself took advantage of her own raw talent/gift. we were so very blessed to live amongst Whitney and now all we can is sit in awe and reflect on what was once here, now gone and yearn for her presence even more. I have nothing else to say, you said it all my friend!

Ok don't kill me, I'm still a great teacher but I meant to say every word you said speaks volumes and there's one other typo but I swear I wasn't texting while driving! Wink

so, I'm listening to Whitney and my daughter says "mommy it's Whitney and I want to see her" I said "well baby, she's in heaven right now, but we will some day" What my daughter said next, melted my heart...she said, "well we need a hot air balloon to fly up in the clouds to see Whitney"...OMG, I wanted to cry!!

Kimberlyn, if you say you weren't texting while driving, then I believe you. Anyway, God saw what you were doing. You get to take it up with him. Thank you for the compliment. It came straight from my heart, that still aches.
Your daughter's words made me cry. It seems you have already passed on to the next generation the torch of Whitney admiration with your loyal devotion. If there is anyone, I know it will be you who makes sure her legacy lives on.

Whiterabbit, you were right!! TWV will have to close the page. But we will continue to keep the legacy of Whitney alive forever!! Sad

Dear fellow Whitney Fans...
I was forced to take this immense hard decision to shut down the WhitneyVault Fan Page as well as the WhitneyVault Facebook page. The reason behind is that there are law firms around that sue private people over posting pictures that are copyrighted. Since that's the case with almost all of Whitney's pictures, it's really hard to not breach any laws. I was unfortunate to receive such a letter and might therefore face to pay a certain amount for that. As my layer has advised me, I have made the decision to take the page down.

I really hope you do understand the reason for the deletion of this page. I deeply saddens me as the only thing I ever wanted is to share everything there is about Whitney and her life...

I thank Tara, Jackie, Carolyn, Thadine and Dwan for making me smile, every time I've looked at this page and for doing a wonderful job.

Please therefore like their new page, where they continue to celebrate the Legacy of Whitney Houston.


Whitney Houston, The Legacy

Join Tara, Jackie, Carolyn, Thadine and Dawn as we continue to celebrate the Legacy of Whitney Houston

thanks DiWhitney, I already received that post on my facebook page. I'm friends with Dawn and I have joined the https://www.facebook.com/WhitneyHoustonTheLegacy page. It is so sad that it had to shut down

It is true Kimberlyn!! But let's move on!! Our love for Whitney, is greater than any difficulty!! <3 <3