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;D I knew what you meant, DiWhitney. No worries. Wink

So, in defense of 'Big Cuda', I just heard the Isley Bros., "For The Love of You" sung by Regina Bell on the radio, which was nice. And then, I put on Whitney's version from her 'Whitney' album, for comparison. And, of course, there's no comparison. A subtle, but very rich difference. The effort undeniably pays off.

Whiterabbit which means "Cuda"?? Kimberlyn, I'll be glad to welcome you here in Brazil! Come when you want!! I love you guys too!! Smile

I'm listening to the CD Just Whitney! A good Sunday to all!! I love Whitney! <3 Smile

I want to join you gals in Brazil!!! Nice, DiWhitney. I still have to purchase the "Just Whitney" CD to add to my collection. See, Whitney became my role model when I was 19, not because of her beautifully gifted voice, but because she taught me how to be true to myself and to always be a big kid. But of course, I knew she could sing!
FYI: 'Big Cuda' was what Robyn called Cissy (behind her back). Short for 'Big Barricuda'.

I hope, you in Brazil, Whiterabbit!! Let me know in advance so I can schedule my vacation, along with you guys, so I can give all the attention that you guys deserve. Smile

Good morning, Nippians! We have exactly one month to prepare for Whitney's birthday. As we did last year, we will be releasing purple balloons to the sky on Aug. 9th in honor of her favorite color.

Good afternoon, nippians!! I like your message, Whterabbit!! Nippy deserves the best tributes which we can do for her!! Smile

Hey family! As mentioned, I pray everyone will participate in honoring Nippy on her birthday.... let's never grow weary in remembrance of the one true legend, Whitney. Thewhitneyvault is also having a birthday tribute for nippy and you can send in a personalized video, photographs, written messages or whatever you want to create in honor of Whitney!! I'm so very excited to also participate in this as well...the deadline for submission is August 1st....

It says the page on The Whitney Vault has been momentarily shut down.... But I will keep checking.
Keep the legacy alive!