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I Look To You

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Didnt disappear, I'm waiting for whiterabbit to answer the trivia. I hope she's alright.

Here I am! Sorry, I went to my friend's funeral and was feeling very sad because I miss her. I cried like a baby, just as I did when Whitney left.
Correct, Kimberlyn. It made me feel good to know that in her last week on Earth, she swam, skipped around, called family, visited friends and ate her favorite foods: a hamburger, fries, and turkey sandwich with jalapenos.

Whitney told Bobby she was going to the store to get a few things and that she'd be right back. Then, she went to Los Angeles with Bobbi Kris and their little yorkie, and had a friend pick them up. All she took with her were 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of undies, and a pair of sneakers in her bag. Then, she waited for Bobby to come and get her, which he never did....

Whitney Trivia: Who's room did Whitney often walk into in the middle of the night when she couldn't sleep?

I think it was the fourth of Krissi!!!

Kimberlyn, what is your answer? DiWhitney already gave her answer.

Kimberlyn, where are you, girl!!!!!

Kimberlyn................are you alright???????
Who kept their hotel room unlocked in case Nippy wanted to wander in because she couldn't sleep??!!


Clive????!! LOL!!! "2 peas in a pod."....."Birds of a feather.".... Laughing out loud You kill me, Kimberlyn. ROTFL!!! Laughing out loud
Well, I suppose at least she would've been safe. Lol!!! Sorry, I just can't stop laughing!
Michael, my dear. Her brother, Michael. Those 2 were so close, they could've been twins. I often wondered what his wife thought of that. I mean, I'm sure she loved her sister-in-law, Nip, but please! In the middle of the night??!!

Comon, Kimberlyn, cheer up, Honey. At least you have friends and family. You even have friends around the world! How many people can say that?
The greatest gift this life can bring, Is when you look back and know, You were loved.

Okaay, I'm human and we do make mistakes!! So I got the answer wrong, should've went with my first gut answer which was her brother Michael, oh well..... I'll get it correct next time.