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I didn't make it to see Whitney's exhibit, I just couldn't afford those high ticket prices! I probably will never get an opportunity to see anything like this again, I don't want to think about it as this will only make me upset for not making it.....

It's okay, Kimberlyn. The staff who run this website were kind enough to post pictures of each showcase. You saw and heard her in concert. That is something I never did and will never get to do and will always be sorry about. It's okay, Honey.

Whitney Trivia: What was Whitney's favorite American fast food? (Hint: She shouted out her window down to Robyn to go get her one.)

A turkey sandwich with jalapeno peppers and Chilli

Kimberlyn, do not be sad! If exposure of the things of Whitney, get to New Jersey, you will have the opportunity to see. Joy, friend!!

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I am LIVE right NOW! 'Whitney Underrated Part I'


Hayyyyyy!!! Giving a shout out to Miss Tara for puttin' together a good radio show that does our girl, Whitney, justice!

Kimberlyn won the trivia! Yay! Now, say it like you were at the top of that building, hanging out from the narrow window shouting down to Miss Robyn in the parking lot, "Get me a turkey sandwich with jalapeno peppers and chilli, Woman! And, be quick about it like a good little assistant/wife cause I DO sign your paychecks! Hah!!"

Whiterabbit, Whitney had a great sense of humor!! She was wonderful!!! Tara is doing a great job to keep the legacy of Whitney alive forever!! She deserves all our support, is a great nippian!!

hi DiWhitney!!

Whitney trivia: During your career, Whitney Houston embarked on six tours successful. Girls, tell me the names of these tours!!