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WE INTERRUPT THIS WEB SITE FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Whitney Trivia will not resume until after Kimberlyn36 returns from having met Cissy Houston. STOP.

Whiterabbit is upset with Kimberlyn?? She does not respond to us, will see, she could not speak with Cissy!! We wait your response!! Answers Kimberlyn!!

;D LOL!!! Kimberlyn36!......Where are you??? We want answers! To speak with Cissy, or not to speak? That is the question! What happened? You are driving us bananas!!!

Okayyy! I'm going to need for everyone to calm down, lol..... First of all, i didn't go because i didnt find any information to solidify the event. I looked it up to find the exact date, time, and place of the book signing and only came up with NYC and Ridgewood, NJ BUT that was back in January.... Sorry guys!

Kimberlyn, Cissy's invitation, was in the TheWhitneyVault Facebook. I'm sorry you have not gone!! I and Whiterabbit, we were eager, by their news.

Kimberlyn, my darling, the last time there was a tribute for Whitney at Washington Park, you didn't go because you didn't have solid evidence. Now, you didn't go to the book signing for the same reason. Honey, did you ever think that some events are organized by Whitney's fans themselves and not a big venue? Next time, trust your heart and trust those who love Whitney as much as you do. Next time, if you have a hunch of where the event might be, just go. There'll be plenty more. Peace.

Hey girls let's continue with our trivia??

Alright, Whitney trivia: what is Whitney's adopted sister name?

I don't know, friend!! I did not realize Whitney had, adopted sister!!! Whiterabbit, answer!!!

Her adopted sister's name is Alana.
(Welcome back, Kimberlyn. But we won't call it a "comeback" cause you've been here for months.) Lol.
Whitney Trivia: What was Whitney's favorite ice cream?