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I Look To You

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Correct! and Not correct!
Yes, Whitney did have a secret affair with Jermaine Jackson (while he was married).

And, no, Whitney was not eager to fly to the 2012 Grammys. She must have had some gut feeling about something. She asked her body guard to drive her all the way to Los Angeles.

Whitney Trivia: True or False- When Whitney was about 5 yrs. old, she jumped off the roof of an abandoned house.

True Whitney jumped off a roof onto a dirty old mattress with her brother Michael.

last trivia question: oh well, I guess better luck next time, lol

Correct, Kimberlyn! ;D Onto a dirty old mattress. Lol! That girl must have been a handful! As a child and an adult. Just a big kid. That's why I love her. Smile

Hey nippians!! Guess which CD of Whitney, I hear every night before sleep??
Who hit, of the two, will win one CD!! Good luck!!!!!!

DiWhitney, is it the " I look to you" CD?

I will say it is the "Just Whitney" CD that you listen to each night.

Which CD does Whiterabbit listen to on her way to church every Sunday morning??

whiterabbit, Ha! The preacher's de

What cd does Kimberlyn36 listens to on her way to work?

whiterabbit, mean to say preacher's wife cd