I Look To You

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That's cool, Kimberlyn!! Would be the maximum, if they had gotten married!! My favorite singers!! I imagined several times the King and Queen of pop together. Michael was gorgeous, I saw his concert here in Brazil, and Whitney was more beautiful, yet!! Would be great blessing for us, do not you think?

Yes, they would have been an adorable couple but as close as they were, I really don't think Michael would have been able to handle Whitney. Although, they would have kept the same schedule with their anxiety disorders and insomnia they both would have been dancing all night long and sleeping past noon.
Ahh, but the beautiful children they would have had.....beautiful smiles with perfect straight teeth, almond shaped eyes, high cheek bones, and the musical genes unsurpassed. Not to mention the kindness that would have continued to shower the world much like that of Princess Diana's children.

Whiterabbit, wonderfully said!!

Whiterabbit, you spoke beautiful!! Now, we have only memories of the incomparable talents, of these two phenomenal artists, that God gave us. I love Whitney and Michael forever!!!

Why, thank you ladies! God, I miss them.

Whitney Trivia: What song appears on the last track of the "My Love Is Your Love" cd, but is not listed on the jacket cover nor song book? (Hint: Stevie Wonder wrote it.)

WHiterabbit, the last song, of the CD My Love Is Your Love, is, I Was Made To Love Him. Alright friend??

Correct! Yes, you are right, DiWhitney. It is an extra treat. A hidden surprise. Wink

Whitney Trivia: What instrument did Whitney play exceptionally well?

Whitney played the piano beautifully!!

Yes, she did! You are correct Kimberlyn.
Today, was my mama's birthday. She would have been 89.

Whitney Trivia: Why was the United States secret service against Whitney touring over seas during the Gulf war in the 1990s? (Hint: it was the title given to her by the US.)

sad she was cute but tebble before she died