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Exercise and Fat Loss
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From the beginning of the beliefs the law of "more is better" applies to all, both training routines, as aerobic capacity aimed at fat loss
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From the beginning of the beliefs the law of "more is better" applies to all, both training routines, as aerobic capacity aimed at fat loss.

From here and this article is not to try to get anything but somehow, taking a small step, terminate the misconceptions that are working with the concept of aerobic workout routines and of course coupled to any activity physical always based on the study, rather than ratified, energy systems and percentage of VO2 max. (Maximum volume of oxygen).

To begin I will say that this text is not written what a day says or invent or create a monitor, teacher or lawyer, here is written from the study, experience and years of learning and effort put into this world will look like each of the ideas aq

leaving exposed Uí reflected in the literature and are collated by decades rather than years of schooling, as the great Tudor Bompa or the same Dario Cappa.

Analytical studies based on measurement test of physical endurance, considering the basis of energy systems, we argue that instant energy capacity is obtained by the ATP-PCr (creatine-phospho adenosine triphosphate). This stimulus is extended in time for about 8 to 10 seconds with an intensity of between 90% and 100%, which is called Alactic Anaerobic system, power system without the presence of oxygen to the muscle and without presence mobilization of lactate, ie security.posted by the: <ahref="">visual impact muscle building review</a>

The following energy system we then with an intensity of between 70% to 90% with a duration in time from 10 seconds to 60 or 90 seconds, is called anaerobic lactic and whose degradation is given by carbohydrates , but without the presence of oxygen in blood lactate, ie danger.

Immediately following and extending our level of activity over time, the heart undergoes adaptive intensity level down below 70% and from 90 seconds is taken as the system aerobic energy system in the first instance where the fuel is HC, later are fats and from approximately 2 hours of uninterrupted continuity proteins enter.

As we know that there is a fat burning, fat, muscle within our system, there must be a production of oxygen, because without it there can be such combustion, such as either the only energy pathway that offers this possibility is the aerobic pathway (intensity below 70%).

It should be noted that the real enemy of weight loss is not fat, proteins even if no carbohydrates, which after a few hours after its intake if they are used as "fuel" accumulate as adipose tissue.

The conclusion is therefore that we deserve any kind of physical activity whose beats are above 70% of HRmax. (Each one @ your own) and extension longer than 40 minutes (uninterrupted) will not meet the requirements of caloric burn each individual seeks to improve both physical and visual.

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