What Is Your Favorite Whitney Houston Music Video? | The Official Whitney Houston Site

What Is Your Favorite Whitney Houston Music Video?

I Look To You
8% (287 votes)
Million Dollar Bill
3% (105 votes)
Try It On My Own
2% (79 votes)
It's Not Right But It's Okay
4% (128 votes)
I Learned From The Best
2% (67 votes)
If I Told You That
0% (17 votes)
My Love Is Your Love
3% (104 votes)
Heartbreak Hotel
2% (66 votes)
0% (14 votes)
I Believe In You And Me
3% (111 votes)
Step By Step
1% (52 votes)
2% (56 votes)
I Have Nothing
5% (190 votes)
I'm Every Woman
3% (113 votes)
Queen Of The Night
1% (31 votes)
I Will Always Love You
20% (681 votes)
Run To You
5% (159 votes)
How Will I Know
2% (75 votes)
All The Man That I Need
3% (92 votes)
I'm Your Baby Tonight
3% (114 votes)
2% (55 votes)
My Name Is Not Susan
0% (16 votes)
Didn't We Almost Have It All
2% (82 votes)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
6% (202 votes)
So Emotional
1% (29 votes)
Saving All My Love
3% (107 votes)
Greatest Love Of All
8% (264 votes)
One Moment In Time
5% (181 votes)
Total votes: 3477


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Hello Dear, from way back in

Hello Dear, from way back in school when i got to the age of reasoning i started and have always admired you greatly, in my school days then wherever i went i carried you around via my workman any device i can use to get to hear the voice, you are a great gift to this generation and allow God to complete what HE alone as started with you

Love you girl and would continue to pray for you as i have been doing during all the good and bad times.

You Are Indeed A Gift From God

Hi Dear,
I musy say that you have a tremendous voice and i want to thank the Lord for blessing you with such a beautiful gift. I've been a fan of you for the last 30 years and you are still my number one.The songs you sing brings a joy to my heart when ever i listen to them. So may God continue to bless you as always just remember he is the one to be praised at all times.Have a blessed day.

Grace to you.

Hello Dear
I want to thank you for some of your songs that is always bringing love, power and hope to many of us whenever we listen to - Preachers wife - The Lord is my Shepherd, Miracle and many others.
Know it that your creator is still working for, in and with you. You cannot afford to fail now. This is the time to shine and even shine greater for that is what the Word says that "we move from glory to glory". The world haven't seen nothing yet what God is doing and will do through you.
Keep the focus and the fire burning.
God bless you.

Parabéns sempre

Adoro sua voz.
Você é linda. Adorei saber que está cantando.
Seja muito feliz. Muito axé e paz sempre.
Apareça na Bahia. Você se parece muito conosco.
Não desista nunca de ser feliz.
Amamos você.
Beijos, Rosana

happy birthday whitney houston

you are wonderful and beautiful you are the best singer and actress love your songs is i will always love you and i wanna dance with somebody those are my favorite songs and they play you on magic 106.7 everytime and i am your biggest fan of your movies with frank farmer in the bodygaurd is the best movies ever and you have a perfect singer i never met you and i hear you on the radio sometime and love to buy one of your cd please and thank you and we all wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you one speical singer and actress


Hello, dear
First I want to say I love your voice and know it was the Lord who gave him this wonderful gift.
You have a song that says, Jesus loves me, and that's about it I want to talk about today.
We all have a void that can only be filled by him.
And so I write, if at any time you need it, it is by your side ready to help you, and give safe haven.
God has something wonderful to do in your life and alert you.
Surrender to it handed to him.
For he gave his life for love of you.
The Bible says our body is the dwelling of the holy spirit
He is a God who heals
What gives life, and free from all evil
I am praying for you, God bless

Happy Birthday Whitney!!!

Hope you had a wonderful day, better ones will come!!!

Can't wait to see you perform again, have been your fan ever since!!!

Love you

Happy Birthday Whitney

Hi Whitney
Thank you for being there and doing your thing. You have done me a lot of good. Your cultural significance and the contribution you have made to furthering equality between different people is astonishing, as is your talent. I hope you are happy and in a good place with people you love. x Kezia


Whitney, I hope and wish you good health and pray may GOD always be with you and never let you down to success.You are a truly singer. GOD BLESS


MISS, WHITNEY all the best for the new year in your life.Troubles will come and go and all anyone of us can do is keep ourselves nice through it all,and you do!.MWAH MWAH

belated birthday wishes

Happy birthday Whitney, I wish you many more returns of joy, keep giving us the best of you. we love you so much. i know this late but to me this whole week is your birthday..... love you


The will of the sun ,Will I ever find the one ?
The moon the stars the sky.That I've prayed for all my life!
Can it ever happen to me ,The one that will never leave.
The one to call mine ,That will last though out time?
That will always be mine ,Though rain or shine?
The one who shows she cares ,That will always be there?
Through thick or thin ,Through the storms and the wind?
The one to hold even when we are old ,The one that prays!
The one that stays ,The one who will make me smile?
Who will go the hole mile ,That sees the sun who will never run?
The one who cry s when time says good bye ,The one who hears all of my fears!
Are you out there? ,My moon my sky my sunshine!
The one for me the one I see ,At night when I dream?
Of the moon the stars in the sky,In the morning sunrise!
I dont want to wake up alone ,My moon the star in the sky until Its our Time
When he call us to our place in the sky ,To the moon to stars and the skys
Where we will never lose our sunshine?

It really has a true meaning in life Your Song I Will Always Love You

Hi and Thank You Whitney I really think you are very beautiful Woman

Happy Birthday Nippy!!!

I think this was added very late LOL! But here goes, Happy Birthday a day late, I hope it leaves you in good spirits! Enjoy life and all it has to offer you. May GOD keep steering you in the right direction.

Given the options, it's so

Given the options, it's so difficult to make this choice. But as a wonderful baby girl, your emergence (in THE GREATEST LOVE VIDEO) into the WH we know today is a memory I always look back to. Then I DECIDED..., too, NEVER TO WALK IN ANY ONE'S SHADOWS...I've always loved you Whitney since I've been very young. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Loving how far you've come and how graceful you are.

People can always tell us what we need to do, when we need to do it, and how we need to do it but they are on the outside looking in. No one knows what they would do in anyone's situation. Through all your tough times and battles, I always thought to myself " Whitney is going to do her" and you did. People were pulling and tugging you this way and that but When you were on Oprah and your daughter was in the audience I could see that you were fed up and was ready to take the reighns. I am proud of you. Fame and fortune doesn't make a person and you have shown that first hand. I love you Whitney. Continue to do you and keep that in your focus.

Happy Birthday Ms. Whitney --The Queen

I'm overjoyed that you have weathered so many storms and are here!!! Happy Birthday beautiful Lady. I have been a fan forever. When things were not going right, I prayed that God would help you to conquer and He did it!!! Can't wait to see you performing again. Much Love and addoration ...Always - Ms M.

Happy Birthday 8th World Wonder

Eight is my Lucky Nr.! Congratulation to You Birth Day.I will never forget the first day , I turn the radio on and hear your powerful Voices out from the Box. It was your Birthday....... I still Love you so much .Have such a good good Time and enjoy . We Love You Whitney aka Nippy

ps: so so much, with all ups and downs , I'll be there for you

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Ms.Whitney, I'm an August born as well and really happy to share my birth month with an incrdeible talent like yourself. Keep on fixing your eyes on Him and he will see you through. Love all your videos but when you were pregnant you did "I'm every woman" .....just loved that one. You have been Blessed with a magnificent voice continue to use it to praise God,"I look to you" and "I love the Lord" are also favourites of mine.

Happy B-Day

Happy Birthday Nippy... I wish you the best for this day and many others.
You are the best singer in the world for me and i will always love you until the end of my days!
You are amazing and so so emotional.... have a wonderful B-Day my DIVA!
With Love... Micky

Parabénsa trasado!

Um imenso abraço, muitos anos de vida, e que estes sejam repletos de amor, paz, saúde, sucesso... e que Deus esteja sempre presente em cada um dos dias de sua vida e de sua família! Amo você e o seu trabalho. Estamos muito saudosos de você aqui no Brasil. Felicidades, e Deus abençoe você e toda sua família!

Happy Belated Birthday

Head up, Whitney!! I truly love you. Be strengthened. We pray often for you. Pray for us!!! LOL

Happy Birthday, Soldier Girl

Happy Birthday, Soldier Girl !!!! Love You!



Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Whitney! I love your songs so much!


i have learned a lot of styles from you.....i really really love your voice and you are still one of the best! you are my idol before until now!!!!!

Happi Birthday

Hi Whitney happi birthday wishing u more fruitful year ahead.
Keep bubbling i luv ur songs.

You are loved

Just know, Whitney that a great many people love and admire you. You are a living legend and don't you forget it.

Happy Birthday Whitney!!

Whitney you are the greatest female vocalist of all time. Never let ANYONE get you down. I have loved you since the day I first heard your voice. You are truly an inspiration to us all. May God bless you in all that you do!!

Happy Birthday!!!

my favorite.

Am so much in love with you, all ur music song is my favorite, but how i wish i could see you as often as i think of you, and your soft face of baby complexion make you more beautiful. I will always love you, whitney Houston, cheers to you.

I have always loved you

God created you in a special way with a special voice that has no comparison. You are the greatest female singer so far and you have always been my best singer. I am so glad you are alive and well. And you will keep on living because the Lord is the strength of your life. Happy Birthday!
I love you!

To the greatest singer all times

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Whitney! I've grown up with your songs and I'm so very happy you've come back even stronger after all you've been through. Looking forward for your next tour. Please stay with us forever now. God bless you. Lots of love from Reunion island.xoxo

happy Birthday!

I love you and your birthday is a great time to tell you that, I'm glad you were born! God bless you.

hello whitney, many many

hello whitney, many many happy returns of the day............ hv a wonderful day & year ahead.........
luv u always!!!!

i am so sorry i am late! very

i am so sorry i am late! very happy birthday whitney,continue to be amazing!

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to the greatest female vocalist I ever heard. Music aint the same since you are not singing. Loved you in The Body Guard. One of my all time favorites. Hope you have
a wonderful birthday and I will always be a fan.

Bday wishes to my favorite songbird of ALLLLL times!!!


Dear Whitney

Happy Birthday, Whitney! I wish you are very well, never and never back to rehabilitation again. I will always love you. Jesus loves you, Whitney!


I noticed on wikipedia whitney has now sold over 180 million records worldwide.... This is amazing news but can this website bio please confirm this and add all of whitneys record breaking feats including her new album I look to you which is platinum in seven countries... Next year will be 25 years since the release of 'whitney' which made history and became the 1st album by a female to debut at number 1 in the US and the UK!!!!!! And whitney got her 7th consecetive number 1 hit only whitney ever done that.......Whitney: The voice thank you for your gift and music Arron 19. UK Smile. xx

To My Favorite Inspiration

Happy Birthday, baby! I love you.

What is Whitney Houston favorite Video

I will always love you remain my favorite music and video, though all her music are excellent,




Happy birthday whitney i hope you have a fun and happy day i hope you get loads of pressies haha. And i need to take this opportunity to say thank you for giving me strenght and inspiration i no this is cheesy but i honestly look to you and i hope i can meet you one day. Stay strong and happy love Arron. 19. From the uk xxx Smile

It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Whitney! I will always love you. You finally did it on your own. Stay strong and May God bless and forever keep you!

A fan for life...Love you!

Happy Birthday Blessing

I will always love you wish you the best in all you do


Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Happy Birthday Nippy

God bless you ! Smile


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whitney! Stay STRONG and may God Bless You!

happy birthday

my god bless you