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Whitney - LA Event - 4

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Whitney Wonder, perfect!

Wow!! This picture is so beautiful ..God Bless!!!

A beautiful woman and a beautiful man - Love you both xx

Whitney, hi , It reminds me the scene that Ms Warwick, Mr.Vandross, And Mr. Wonder and you together sang the song "That's what friends are for" in 1986. You just blew me away. By the way, Do you have any plans to give us a solo in China? It's been a long time since you visited Beijing last time.
God bless you

This picture of Whitney and Stevie is simply adorable!!! Whitney, you have one heck of a smile....it's truly unforgettable, I love it!!

This picture of Whitney and Stevie is VERY SWEET!!! Whitney, you are truely nice and I believe have a warm heart ....that's truely unforgettable, I love your photos! x

we didn't know
two talented artists
I love you
stevie wonder and whitney