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Whitney - London Event - 2

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WHITNEY LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY!!!! you are a picture of strenth! WELCOME BACK!!!!!

Clive is amazing!

Dear Whitney,
It's a blessing to see you back on board. You look as beautiful as you did when you first hit the seen in the 80's. That is a great look for you at the London event. I routed and prayed for your strength and soul to be built back up to the level we as fans are use to. I'm glad you're back on your feet because our future is important, Bobbi Christina needs you and I know that for a fact because I have two daughters myself (it's a rough world out there). We as parents have to protect them. I love you keep doing what makes you happy.

Thanks for this opportunity
Maurelle Wilkerson

It's a good thing the great Mr. Clive Davis didn't give up on our girl Whitney. Hopefully they both keep up now that they see our love for the only diva. And this is my second most favorite Whitney album, trailing the awesome 'My Love Is Your Love' album, which ranks way up there in my all time favorites albums ever. Like 'My Love...' all, as in all the songs in the album I love!!! Good work, Alicia, R Kelly and the rest of the writers / producers who contributed and made this a piece of work!!!

i just love u whitney

trully a friend to whitney houston. over 25 years and he is still there for you as a brother, collegue, and most of all a friend. i love you whitney

She will be very very miss by her family and fans. But just know that she is in a good place and resting. May my prayers go out to her family especially her daughter, I know its hard to lose a mother, so keep your head held up high. And those who have mother love them each and everyday of your life because you will never know when gods call them home. Just three little words I LOVE YOU thats all and they will cherrish it forever.